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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

Officers and directors: Wisconsin Alumni Association,   p. 42

Page 42

historical study of the social functions of
law in the United States. Here is a new
and yet-to-be-fully-developed field of le-
gal research. ($2.50)
AMONG MANY, by Arthur E. Suth-
erland. A study of the relation of man to
his fellows as a group in this crowded
world, this book is concerned with the
fundamentals of human freedom under
law in our own time. Included is an ex-
amination of the current attempts to find
standards "for guidance. ($2.50)
Curtis Wilson. An analysis of three ma-
jor physical problems which Heytesbury
treats, this volume deals with medieval
logic and the rise of mathematical phys-
ics. ($4.00)
Stephen Gilman. The most extensive
study yet of this great Spanish play, of-
fering many new interpretations and
possible solutions to problems that have
puzzled readers for centuries. ($5.00)
ECONOMICS, edited by Prof. Eugene
Rotwein, economics. For the first time,
Hume's economic writings are brought
together as a single work. There are nine
essays from Poltical Discourses and a
number of passages from Hume's pri-
vate letters, plus an analytic introduction
by the editor showing how Hume's phi-
losophy of human experience shapes
much of his approach to economic ques-
tions. ($4.50)
STATES HISTORY, by Prof. William
B. Hesseltine, history. This is designed
for use with any of the standard his-
tories. The field of American history is
divided into 77 topics. ($1.50)
        Officers and Directors
Wisconsin Alumni Association
                   OFFICERS-i 957-58
     Chairman of the Board: Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick, '38, 5001
   University Ave., Madison 5
     President: Dr. John A. Keenan, '30, 551 Fifth Ave., New
   York, N. Y.
     First Vice-President: Sam Ogle, '20, Schuster's Inc., Mil-
   Second Vice-President: Martin Below, '24, Jahn & Oilier
   Engraving Co., Prudential Plaza, Suite 3015, Chicago
   Treasurer: Russell A. Teckemeyer, '18, 1 S. Pinckney St.,
   Madison 3
     Secretary: Mrs. Silas Spengler, '19, 342 Park St., Menasha
     Executive Director: John Berge, '22, Memorial Union,
   Madison 10
                  DIRECTORS AT LARGE
     Don Anderson, '25, Wis. State Journal. Madison 3; Dr.
   Norman 0. Becker, '40, 104 S. Main St., Fond du Lac; Oscar
   C. Boldt, '48, 217 S. Badger Ave., Appleton; M. Frank Brobst,
   '22, 9425 Grinel, Detroit, Mich.; Gordon Connor, '29, PO
   Box 810, Wausau; John L. Davis, '43, 1228 Tower Ave.,
   Superior; Dean Conrad A. Elvehjem, '23, Bascom Hall, UW.
   Madison 6; John G. Jamieson, '38, 119 Monona Ave., Mad-
   ison 3; Mrs. Robert D. Johns, '41, 1514 King St., La Crosse;
   Walter H. Keyes, '45, 115 S. Ithaca, Sturgeon Bay; Lloyd
   Larson, '27, The Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee; Katherine
   McCaul, '25, Tomah; Charles 0. Newlin, '37, Continental Ill.
   Natl. Bank & Trust Co., Chicago; Raymond Patterson, '45,
   Pres., Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam; James D. Peterson,
   '18, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago; Maxine F. Plate, '35, Am-
   brosia Chocolate Co., Milwaukee; George S. Robbins, '40,
   Chamber of Commerce, Marinette; William R. Sachse, '50,
   Security Natl. Bank Bldg., Sheboygan; Mrs. John A. Schindler,
   '28, 532 22nd Ave., Monroe; Dr. Robert R. Spitzer, '44,
   Murphy Products Co., Burlington; Frederick N. Trowbridge,
   130 E. Walnut, Green Bay; Mrs. L. J. Walker, '30, 179 E.
   Huron St., Berlin; John C. Wickhem, '43, 19 E. Milwaukee
   St., Janesville.
                    PAST PRESIDENTS
     Charles B. Rogers, '93, 95 N. Main St., Fort Atkinson; John
   S. Lord, '04, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago 3; Charles L. Byron,
   '08, First Natl. Bank Bldg., Chicago, Illinois; Earl 0. Vits,
   '14, 635 N. 7th St., Manitowoc; Harry A. Bullis, '17, Chair-
   man of the Board, General Mills, Inc., 400 2nd Ave., S.,
   Minneapolis, Minn.; Howard I. Potter, '16, Marsh & McLen-
   nan, 231 S. La Salle St., Chicago; Howard T. Greene, '15,
   Brook Hill Farm, Genesee Depot; Albert J. Goedjen, '07, 350
Bryan St., R#6, Green Bay; C. F. Van Pelt, '18, Pres. Fred
Rueping Leather Co., Fond du Lac; Philip H. Falk, '21, Supt.
of Schools, 351 W. Wilson, Madison 3; William D. Hoard,
Jr., '21, W. D. Hoard & Sons Co., Fort Atkinson; Joseph A.
Cutler, '09, Johnson Service Co., 507 E. Michigan St., Mil-
waukee; Walter A. Frautschi, '24, Democrat Prtg. Co., PO
Box 1148, Madisop 4; Stanley C. Allyn, '13, Chairman of the
Board, National Cash Register Co., Dayton, Ohio; John H.
Sarles, '23, Knox Reeves Advt. Inc., 600 1st Natl. Soo Line
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.; Thomas E. Brittingham, '21,
Room 251, Del. Bldg., Wilmington, Del.; Willard G.
Aschenbrener, '21, American Bank & Trust Co., Racine;
Warren P. Knowles, '33, New Richmond; R. T. Johnstone,
'26, Marsh & McLennan, 1300 Natl. Bank Bldg., Detroit;
Gordon R. Walker, '26, Walker Forge, Inc., 2000 17th St.,
Racine; Lawrence Fitzpatrick, '38, 5001 University Avenue,
Madison 5.
  Class of 1955: Mrs. George Wallace Meyer, 3897 James
Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn.
  Class of 1956: Leslie M. Klevay, Jr., 8109 Laramie Ave.,
Skokie, Ill.
  Class of 1957: James G. Urban, 1510 Shannon St., Green
  Chicago Alumnae: Mrs. Marcus Hobart, '19, 621 Foster,
Evanston; Chicago Alumni: Raymond J. Ryan, '22, 35 E.
Wacker Dr.; Detroit: Irwin R. Zemon, '50, 220 W. Congress;
Eau Claire: C. David Bugher, '46, 646 Putnam Dr.; Fond du
Lac: Nathan Manis, '38, Cohodas-Manis Co.; Fox River Val-
ley: Donald C. Bradley, '43, Wis. Tel. Co., Appleton; Janes-
ville: Richard C. Murphy, '49, 129 Corn Exchange; Kenosha:
Mrs. Archibald Naysmith, '29, 502 Sheridan Rd.; La Crosse:
Norman Schulze, '31, 206 Exchange Bldg.; Madison: M. Lee
O'Brien, '30, Gateway Transfer Co.; Milwaukee: A. N. Ren-
ner, '48, Marshall & Ilsley Bank; Minneapolis: Roger C. Tay-
lor, '41, N. W. Mutual Life Ins. Co.; New York City: Tom
Tredwell, '23, Architectural Record, 119 W. 40th; Northern
California: Delbert Schmidt, '38, Employers Mutual of Wau-
sau, 114 Sansome St., San Francisco; Oshkosh: Clifford
Bunks, '50, 480 E. Nevada; Racine: Willard R. Melvin, '47,
1907 N. Green Bay Rd.; Sheboygan County: Nathan Heifer-
nan, '42, 701 N. 8th, Sheboygan; Southern California: Emil
Breitkreutz, 05, 1404 Wilson Ave., San Marino; Washington,
D. C.: George E. Worthington, '10, 501 N. Oxford, Arling-
ton 3, Va.; Waukesha: David A. Waite, '49, 714 Beech-
wood Ave.
                     Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957

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