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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

Chatterton, Grace
Wisconsin women,   p. 27

Page 27

. . . with Grace Chatterton
  In the accompanying picture you see Prof, Richard M.
Shackelford of the University of Wisconsin department of
genetics displaying a "sapphire" mink to wives of UW re-
gents and administrators. Seated, left to right, are Mrs. J.
Martin Klotsche, Milwaukee, wife of the provost at Uni-
versity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Mrs. J. Kenneth Little,
whose husband was vice president of student affairs; Mrs.
E. B. Fred; and Mrs. John D. Jones Jr., Racine, whose hus-
band is a regent. Standing, left to right, are Mrs. Joseph S.
Holt, whose husband is assistant to the vice president of
business and finance; Mrs. Ira L. Baldwin, wife of the vice
president of academic affairs; Mrs. George Watson, wife of
the state superintendent of public instruction; and Mrs. El-
lis E. Jensen, Janesville, and Mrs. Wilbur N. Renk, Sun
Prairie, whose husbands are regents.
   The wives were guests of Pres. and Mrs. Fred on a July
weekend, and the stop at the fur animal research laboratory
was one of the highlights of a campus tour. Escorted by Mrs.
Fred, the party started at the Dairy Cattle Research Center
with a demonstration in the milking parlor; continued to
Babcock Hall for short discussions of developments in dairy
and food processing and a look at ice cream making; took a
look at new dormitory sites, University Houses, and the new
apartments for married students: had a coffee break with
Dean Frances Zuill and members of her home economics
faculty, and ended the morning in the .rare book rooms of the
Memorial Library.
The beginnings of a mink coat (see above)
Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957
  After lunch in the new food serving units of the Wiscon-
sin Union, the party drove to the Engineering campus for a
look at a solar cooker, electrical generators, and other equip-
ment; moved over to the Athletic Practice Building, where
Coach Ivy Williamson described its uses and Prof. Fred Har-
rington gave them a short history of Camp Randall; on to
University hospitals where they were shown the pump used
in heart surgery, and finally to the Commerce Building for
the last stop of the tour. A reception at the home of UW Vice
Pres. and' Mrs. A. W. Peterson, and dinner at Olin House
with Pres. and Mrs. Fred completed the very busy day.
  One of Wisconsin's most distinguished home economics
graduates, Gladys Branegan Chalkley, '13, has received the
honorary degree of Doctor of Science from Montana State
College in recognition of her constructive and vigorous leader-
ship in her profession. For 24 years Mrs. Chalkley was a
member of the faculty of this school. As Dean of the division
of household and applied arts she developed a strong under-
graduate program, and introduced courses in child develop-
ment (with a nursery school), and family relations. She also
initiated research and graduate programs, and was a dominant
force in thp purchase and remodeling of the home manage-
ment house and in planning and furnishing the student
union and women's dormitories.
   Did you know that a Wisconsin woman, Joyce Gafke
Wickware, '44, writes many of the commercials used by
Arthur Godfrey, Art Linkletter, Tennessee Ernie Ford, the
"Queen for a Day", show, and the daytime serial "Edge of
Night"? Joyce started her career with two small radio and
TV stations. She says that this was valuable experience be-
cause a minimum of staff gave her an opportunity to do more
than one thing, and consequently she learned about many
other facets of the business. Following this came a position
in Chicago working as an assistant producer of live TV with
an advertising agency. Now Joyce lives in New York where
she maintains a home, has two children 10 and 8 years of
age, and continues her career as a writer for an advertising
   "Happy Ticker", a free monthly magazine published for
the entertainment of 350 hospitalized and shut-in children in
Milwaukee is edited by Emily Moeller Hokanson, '39. Chil-
dren like it so well they often try to stay on the mailing list
after they have recovered and gone back to school. Originally
meant for youngsters with rheumatic fever, the 15 to 20 page
booklets sponsored by the Milwaukee Junior League and the
County Heart association now go to children suffering from
polio, muscular dystrophy and other illnesses. The publica-
tion is Emily's brain child and her own five children pass
judgment on her material. Home economics and journalism
studied while at the University iake Emily a well qualified
editor of "Happy Ticker".

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