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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

Necrology,   pp. 38-39

Page 38

Beloit, and Richard W. CABLE, director,
Stevens Point.
  Carlyle WAGNER has been named direc-
tor of the Burlington UW Alumni club.
  The La Crosse district office of the Social
Security Administration has added J. William
O'BRIEN to its staff. He will be a claims
representative trainee.
  First Lt. Fritz M. HANSON has joined
his wife (Elizabeth GRIEM '56) in Madison
after being released from active duty at
Arnold Engineering Development Center,
Tullahoma, Tenn.
  Thomas S. LAUDON has been awarded
a state department grant to study at the Uni-
versity of Queensland, Australia.
  Just before entering military service, Neale
KATZ was admitted to the bar. He has not
decided where he will practice law after his
military obligation.
  Mr. and Mrs. Don ENDERS (Phyllis
NAUJOKS) announce the birth of Susan
  Robert A. FLEISCHER has received his
discharge from the air force, and is now
employed by the Fond du Lac Common-
  Two graduates have received their silver
wings as aircraft navigators at Ellington Air
Force Base, Houston. They are Neal A.
  Bryn Mawr college has announced a fel-
lowship to Diane VREULS for study in
English at Oxford university.
  Keith C. ROBERTS is now associated with
the Medusa Portland Cement Co., working
out of Wampum, Pa., as a geologist.
  Lt. Don R. SPIEGELHOFF has graduated
from navigator training at Harlingen Air
Force Base, Texas.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard WANGELIN are
now living in Evanston, Ill., where he is
employed in the purchasing & traffic division
of the R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co.
  A summer school scholarship in Norway
has been awarded to Karen TAKLE by the
Sons of Norway.
  Narendra N. GUNAJI has been hired as
instructor in civil engineering at Ohio North-
ern University, Ada, Ohio.
  Lt. and Mrs. Richard C. BROWN have a
son, David Robert. Lt. Brown is stationed
at Pinecastle AFB, Orlando, Fla.
  Ellen R. CARSTENS has been awarded a
Fulbright scholarship to study German at
Phillipps university in Marburg, Germany,
She has been teaching in Wausau.
   Richard J. SELCHERT is now working as
a pharmacy intern at New Lenox, Ill.
   Charles NEINAS is the new sports direc-
tor of WKOW     Radio in Madison.
   A  new  job as office manager for the
Luedtke Engineering Co., Frankfort, Mich. is
held by Erich R. LUEDTKE.
   David L. PREISS is now the director of
 the Playboy magazine College Bureau. He
 was recently married to Eleanor OSBORNE
 '60. They live in Chicago, Ill.
   A three year duty tour of Morocco is on
 the agenda for 2nd Lt. David MENZEL. He
 is assigned to the auditor general's office at
   After six months of active duty in the
 army, Irvin T. OMTVEDT is working as a
 graduate assistant in the animal husbandry
 department at Oklahoma State university.
  Robert L. ELTON has been granted a Ful-
bright scholarship for study in chemical en-
gineering at the Norwegian Institute of Tech-
nology in Trondheim.
  Marine second lieutenant Peter W. OL-
SON has been graduated from Officer Basic
School at Quantico, Va.
  Earl E. SCHOENWETTER is now work-
ing as a field-service representative for the
avionics division of Aerojet-General Corp.,
Azusa, Calif.
  Three army Privates have completed the
basic administration course at Fort Leonard
Wood, Mo. They are Charles W. SALB,
Robert L. BORNHUETTER, and Franklin
  Robert M. SHERN has accepted a position
with the Armstrong Cork Co. and has en-
tered the firm's building products sales train-
ing program.
  Specializing in Latin America, William H.
L. SMYTHE, Jr. has enrolled as a member
of the class of 1959 at the American Institute
for Foreign Trade, Phoenix, Ariz.
  Army 2nd Lt. John H. DUNN has gradu-
ated from the 15-week basic officer course
at the Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga.
  Mr. and Mrs. Tom      ZILAVY    (Karen
THOMPSON '58) are now living at Fort
Gordon, Ga., where he is stationed as a
lieutenant in the army. Both plan to return
to the University at the end of his army
  Recently graduated from officer training
courses at Fort Benning, Ga. are Gerald M.
GREENBERG, from the 15-week course at
the  Infantry   School, and    Jerome  J.
  Otto J. SCHUSTER '86, former teacher,
at Arlington, Va.
  Mary A. SMITH, long time Madison
librarian, at Winter Park, Fla.
  William F. FUNK '91, La Crosse indus-
trial executive.
  John F. GALLAGHER '92, Shawano drug-
  Lester C. MAYHEW '92, at Ephraim.
  Albert M. TEN EYCK '92, one of the
first UW College of Agriculture graduates,
at Brodhead.
  Albert M. SAMES '94, former judge, at
Los Angeles, Calif.
  Charles J. O'CONNOR      '94, Monrovia,
Calif., citrus grower.
  Mrs. Louis A. (Fannie WALBRIDGE)
Goddard '95, retired teacher, at Portland,
  Alice I. BUNTING '95, Concord, N. H.,
a Christian Science practitioner.
  Guy A. BENSON '95, former Spooner
mayor and state legislator.
  Rev. Frank A. HOSMER '95, retired Pres-
byterian minister, at Hartford, Conn.
  William H. SCHUCHARDT '95, architect,
at Los Angeles, Calif.
  Anna J. WARNING '96, at Elkhorn.
  Mrs. John W. (Mertie BENEDICT) Ray-
mer '97, at Pasadena, Calif.
  Mrs. Herbert E. (Gertrude JANES) Bol-
ton '97, at Berkeley, Calif.
  Clement BOBB '98, retired pharmacist and
taxidermist, at Madison.
  Joseph E. DAVIES '98, former ambassador
to Russia, top level diplomat under two
presidents, and  University benefactor, at
Washington, D. C.
SCHWARTZ, from the four-week airborne
course at the Infantry school.
  Dean HANSEN is now living in Mauston,
having  become associated with  Hansen's,
Inc. there.
  Karyl KAY and Diana COLTON '56
sailed for Europe on the Christoforo Col-
ombo. They are currently studying at the
University of Rome, and their eight-month
tour of Europe will include Switzerland,
Sweden, Germany, Austria, Spain, France,
and England.
  James L. DAVIS is now employed as a
commercial engineer in the lighting division
of Sylvania Electric Products at Salem, Mass.
He and his wife (Sherry SCHLEUNS) are
living in Marblehead, Mass.
  Mr. and Mrs. Walker C. JOHNSON (Car-
olyn INGLE '57) have moved from Madison
to Columbus, Ga., where Mr. Johnson re-
ported as a second lieutenant at Fort Benning.
  The Upjohn Co. has announced that
Charles R. CHRISTIANSON has joined their
Department of Chemical Process Research
and Development.
  Robert D. McWAIN is employed by a
Minneapolis, Minn. accounting firm.
  Robert J. MOHDAHL is working for the
Trane Co. in La Crosse.
  Victor W. EBERT has been awarded the
Detling Fellowship for graduate study at the
University in the humanities and the social
  Mrs. John    A.  (Jennie  GODDARD)
Brooks '99, at Los Angeles, Calif.
  Henry B. HOLLEN '99, at Los Angeles,
  Charles T. HUTSON '99, Bainbridge Is-
land, Wash., attorney.
  Louise HINKLEY '00, Los Angeles, Calif.,
occupational therapist.
  Lester D. WILLIAMS '01, a business ex-
ecutive, Highland Park, Ill.
  William C. JENSEN '01, at Arthur.
  Mrs. Charles   (Charlotte SIMMONDS)
Hunter '02, Los Angeles, Calif.
  Mrs. Gilbert T. (Edith MARTIN) Hodges
'02, Wall Street Journal executive's wife, at
New York City.
  Mrs. E. C. (Selma STEINFORT) Gryce
'02, retired teacher, at Clearwater, Fla.
  Alvin BREHM '02, at Marshfield.
  Robert C. WENTE '03, at Pasadena, Calif.
  Emil A. RUTISHAUSER '03, at Aurora,
  Henry H. OTJEN '03, prominent Milwau-
kee attorney.
  Charles W. McINTYRE '03, retired farmer
and former principal of Palmyra High school,
at Ft. Atkinson.
  Mrs. George R. (Beulah POST) Keachie
'03, retired Madison East High school mathe-
matics teacher and long time secretary of the
Class of 1903.
  Fred H. KNOBEL '04, at Shelby, Mont.
  William C. EDWARDS '04, Cambria vet-
  Bernet S. HALE '04, retired schoolteacher,
at San Diego, Calif.
  Ray S. HOYT '05, retired engineer, at
Chatham, N. J.
  James D. BARNETT '05, University of
Oregon emeritus professor, at Eugene.
  Ray C. HASELTINE '05, former teacher,
at Mt. Horeb.
      Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1958

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