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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

Association report,   p. [3]

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Association Report
   Highlight of the directors and general meetings of the
 Wisconsin Alumni Association on June 14 was election of
 Sam Ogle '20 to the organization's presidency. The new
 president is public affairs director of a Milwaukee depart-
 ment store (see separate story, this issue.)
   Succeeding Ogle as first vice president is Martin Below
 '24, Chicago engraving firm official, who moves from the
 second vice-presidency, now filled by Don Anderson '25,
 publisher of the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison.
   Other Association officers named include Maxine Plate
 '35, a Milwaukee chocolate firm executive, as secretary, and
 Russell Teckemeyer '18, Madison investment broker, as
 treasurer. (See picture of new officers on page 20.)
   The board also nominated Francis C. Woolard, Chicago,
 to the University Athletic Board. This appointment was
 later confirmed by the Regents. Mrs. Robert Hall (Jessie
 Davis '35), Milwaukee, was named as an alumni representa-
 tive on the Board of Visitors to succeed Miss Plate.
   The Association's retiring president, Dr. John A. Keenan
 '30 automatically becomes chairman of the board of directors.
   In another significant action the directors invited alumni
 of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and its predeces-
 sors (Milwaukee State college and Teachers college) to join
 the Wisconsin Alumni Association.
   At the general WAA meeting, encouraging reports on
 progress in a variety of Association activities were given by
 Dr. Keenan-who emphasized the need for alumni contri-
 butions to the new Alumni House project; by Treasurer
Teckemeyer-who reported a sound financial condition; by
Emeritus Dean Fayette Elwell-who told of the "mission-
ary" work of the Know Your University Committee; by
WAA Executive Director John Berge and other staff
   Results of the 1958 election to the WAA board of direc-
 tors was also announced at the annual meeting. New mem-
 bers of the board, elected through a mail ballot, include
 Robert Angus '48, Ft. Atkinson; Grafton Berry '34, Rhine-
 lander; and Prof. William B. Sarles '26, Madison.
   Re-elected were Don Anderson '25 and John G. Jamie-
 son '38, Madison; Gordon R. Connor '29, Wausau; Lloyd
 Larson '27, Milwaukee; Charles Newlin 37, Chicago; Mrs.
 John Schindler 28, Monroe, and John C. Wickhem '43,
 New Association officers Sam Ogle, Martin Below, Don Anderson,
 Russell Teckemeyer and Maxine Plate (see story on" this page).
                 OFFICERS--i 958-59
   Chairman of the Board: Dr. John A. Keenan, '30, 551 Fifth
 Ave., New York 17, N. Y.
   President: Sam Ogle, '20, Schusters, Inc., 2153 N. 3d St., Mil-
 waukee 1
   First Vice-President: Martin Below, '24, Jahn & Ollier Eng. Co.,
 Suite 3015, Prudential Plaza, Chicago 1
   Second Vice-President: Don Anderson, '25, Wis. State Journal,
 Madison 3
   Treasurer: Russell A. Teckemeyer, '18, Thomson & McKinnon,
 PO Box 509, Madison 1
   Secretary: Maxine Plate, '35. Ambrosia Chocolate Co.. 1109
 N. 5th St., Milwaukee
   Executive Director: John Berge, Memorial Union, Madison 10
               DIRECTORS AT LARGE
   Robert Angus, '43, 905 Van Buren St., Fort Atkinson; Dr. Nor-
 man 0. Becker, '40, 104 S. Main St., Fond du Lac; Grafton H.
 Berry, '34, 210 N. Stevens St., Rhinelander; Oscar C. Boldt, '48,
 217 S. Badger Ave., Appleton; M. Frank Brobst, '22, 9425 Grinel,
 Detroit, Mich; Gordon Connor, '29, PO Box 810, Wausau; John
 L. Davis, '43, 1228 Tower Ave., Superior; President Conrad A.
 Elvehjem, '23, Bascom Hall, UW, Madison 6; John G. Jamieson,
 '38, 119 Monona Ave., Madison 3; Mrs. Robert D. Johns, '41,
 1514 Kisg St., La Crosse; Walter H. Keyes, '46, 115 S. Ithaca,
 Sturgeon Bay; Lloyd Larson, 27, The Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwau-
 kee; Katherine McCaul, '25, Tomah; Charles 0. Newlin, '37,
 Continental Ill. Natl. Bank & Trust Co., 231 S. La Salle, Chi-
 cago; Raymond Patterson, '45, Pres., Wayland Academy, Beaver
 Dam; James D. Peterson, '18, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago;
 George S. Robbins, '40, Chamber of Commerce, Marinette; Wil-
 liama R. Sachse, '50, Robert W. Baird & Co., Security Natl. Bank
 Bldg., Sheboygan; Mrs. John A. Schindler, '28, 532-22nd Ave.,
 Monroe; Mrs. Silas Spengler, '19, Box 257, Menasha; Dr. Robert
 Spitxer, '44, Murphy Products Co., Burlington; Frederick N.
 Towbridge, '23, 130 E. Walnut, Green Bay; John C. Wickhem,
 '43, 19 E. Milwaukee St., Janesville; Prof. William B. Sarles, '26,
 112 Bacteriology Bldg., UW, Madison 6.
                  PAST PRESIDENTS
  Charles B. Rogers, '93, 95 N. Main St., Fort Atkinson; John
  S. Lord, '04, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago 3; Charles L. Byron,
  '08, First Natl. Bank Bldg., Chicago 3; Earl 0. Vits, '14, 635
  N. 7th St., Manitowoc; Harry A. Bullis, '17, Chairman of the
  Board, General Mills, Inc., 400 2nd Ave. C., Minneapolis; How-
  ard I. Potter, '16, Marsh & McLennan, 231 5. La Salle St., Chi-
  cao;r Howard T. Greene, '15, Brook Hill Farm, Genesee Depot;
    rt J. Goedjen, '07, 350 Bryan St., R #6, Green Bay;
 C. F. Van Pelt, '18, Pres., Fred Rueping Leather Co., Fond du Lac;
 Philip H. Falk, '21, Supt. of Schools, 351 W. Wilson, Madison 3;
 William D. Hoard, Jr. '21, W. D. Hoard & Sons Co., Fort
 Atkinson; Joseph A. Cutler, '09, Johnson Service Co., 507 E.
 Michigan St., Milwaukee; Walter A. Frautschi, '24, Democrat
 Printing Co., PO Box 1148, Madison 1; Stanley C. Allyn, '13,
 Chairman of the Board, Natl. Cash Register Co., Dayton, Ohio;
 John H. Sarles, '23, Knox Reeves Advt. Inc., 600 1st Natl. Soo
 Line Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.; Thomas E. Brittingham, '21,
 Room  251, Del. Trust Bldg., Wilmington, Del.; Willard G.
 Aschenbrener, '21, American Bank & Trust Co., Racine, War-
 ren P. Knowles, '33, Doar &    Knowles, New   Richmond;
 R. T. Johnstone, '26, Marsh & McLennan. 1300 Natl. Bank
 Bldg., Detroit, Mich.; Gordon R. Walker, '26, Walker Forge, Inc.,
 2000 17th St., Racine; Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick, '38, J. J. Fitz-
 patrick Lumber Co., 5001 University Ave., Madison 5; Dr. John A.
 Keenan, '30, Pres., Standard Packaging Corp., 551 Fifth Ave.,
 New York 17, N. Y.
  Class of 1956: Leslie M. Klevay, Jr., 106 N. Prospect, Madi-
son 5
  Class of 1957: James G. Urban, Frankenburger House, Tripp
Hall, Madison 10
  Class of 1958: Don Hoffman, 830 Shadow Lawn Dr., Elm Grove
            ALUMNI CLUB       DIRECTORS
  Chicago Alumnae: Mrs. Marcus Hobart, '19, 621 Foster St.,
Evanston, 111.; Chicago Alumni: Kenneth Bellile, '39, Am. Nati.
Bank Bldg., 33 N. La Salle; Detroit: Irwin R. Zemon, '50, 220
W. Congress St.; Eau Claire: C. David Bugher, '46, 646 Putnam
Drive; Fond du Lac: Nathan Manis, '38, Cohodas-Manis Co.;
Fox River Valley: Donald C. Bradley, '43, Wis. Tel. Co., 126 N.
Superior, Appleton; Green County: Mrs. Fred T. Burgy, '33,
RFD  #2, Monticello; Janesville: Richard C. Murphy, '49, 129
Corn Exchange; Kenosha: Mrs. Archibald Naysmith, '29, 502
Sheridan Road; La Crosse: Norman Schulze, '31, 206 Exchange
Bldg.; Madison: Charles Fenske, '38, 1716 Chadbourne Ave.;
Milwaukee: A. N. Renner, '48, Marshall &        Ilsley Bank;
Minneapolis: Marshall Diebold, '25, Northrup King & Co., 1500
N. E. Jackson St.; New York: Tom Tredwell, '23, Architectural
Record, 119 W. 40th St.; Northern California: Delbert Schmidt, '38,
Employers Mutual of Wausau, 114 Sansome St., San Francisco;
Oshkosh: Clifford Bunks, '50, 1425 E. Nevada Ave.; Racine: Mrs.
Albert E. May, '33, 224 12th St.; Sheboygan County: Robert W.
Rummele, '32, 704 S. 15th St., Sheboygan; Southern California:
Emil Breitkreutz, '05, 1404 Wilson Ave., San Marino 9; Waukesha:
Vince Gavre, '39, 102 W. Roberta Ave.

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