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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

UW doctors serve the state,   pp. 16-17

Page 16

THE STATE OF WISCONSIN GENERAL HOSPITAL on the University of Wisconsin campus
is becoming
one of the world's great centers of medical training, research, and public
   THE WISCONSIN IDEA is well expressed in the University of
Wisconsin Medical School, whose three-fold duty it is:
   To train doctors and nurses.
   To increase man's knowledge of the human body and its care.
   To guard constantly the public health of the state.
   For such ends many of America's most eminent physicians and
medical researchers serve in the University's hospitals and labora-
   That the University is a foremost center in the field of medicine
for education, research and public service means dividends in
the health of our people beyond the measure of mere statistics.
Let us look, however, at a few                1 .. , 4. 1   1-
    Education.-A total of 1,109
  students have been graduated
  from the Medical School since
  1927; nearly half of them are now
  practicing within the State of Wis-
  consin. During the same period 508
  nurses have been graduated, with
  the s a m e proportion practicing
  within the state.
    Public service.-During the fiscal
  year 1946-47, 11,365 patients were
  admitted to the State of Wisconsin
  %, i ,1iaI  J..I L a   L. e  campus,
  their total hospital days amount-
  ing to 165,107.
    Research.-In a recent 10-year
  period the Wisconsin Psychiatric
  Institute examined 2,055,780 speci-
  mens of blood shipped by mail
  from all parts of the state.
  No statistics can accurately reflect
the lives saved or the suffering eased
by Wisconsin research and develop-
ments in vitamin D, nicotinic acid, dicu-
marol, penicillin, and vitamin K, to
mention only a few.
  One of the eight laboratories in the
United States devoting full time to the
study of cancer is the McArdle Mem-
orial Laboratory for Cancer Research
on the Wisconsin campus. This build-
ing was rhe gift of M. W. McArdle, '01.
  Under the guidance of Dr. Harold
P. Rusch, '31, director of the Institute,
Wisconsin's cancer research is being
carried out a present along three lines:
the effect of nutrition on cancer, the
effect of c e r t a i n cancer-producing
agents, and the characteristics of the
cancer cells themselves.
  By piecing together all available in-
formation, medical scientists are gain-
ing a fuller understanding of one of
mankind's most dread diseases-and
learning the factors that contribute to
its cause and cure.
  At the present stage of our knowl-
edge, these scientists say, the best
advice is to keep physically fit, avoid
overeating, eliminate chronic irritation,
and secure periodic medical inventories.
  This simple formula will remain the
advice of medical researchers until,
perhaps at a not-too-distant date, re-
search now being conducted at McArdle

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