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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

News from the alumni,   pp. 389-397

Page 389

News from the Alumni.
body's college," and those persons
who are suggesting the graduate
system do not know whereof they
speak. Wisconsin will pull out of
the present financial stringency as
she has out of (
who have done
Wisconsin's ath
portant factor ii
  University Architect Jennings has
been asked by the library board of
the city of Janesville to act as super-
vising architect in the building of
their new library. Andrew Carnegie
gave $30,000 for this library and the
late F. S. Aldredge of Janesville, $10-
  The Norwegian Independence day,
May 17th, was celebrated at Madison
by appropriate exercises.  Among
the university people on the program
were L. A. Anderson, '99, and N. P.
Stenjem, '93 1.
  Dr. Frost of the bacteriological de-
partment has gone to Johns Hopkins
for special work. He will return to
take part in the Summer Session.
  On May 23d at Madison, "The loan
of a lover," a clever play, was pro-
duced by a cast of university people.
Music for the production was espe-
cially written by C. E. Roberts, grad
'00-'01, organist of the Episcopal
church. The cast was composed of
Walton Pyre, '99, Donald MacDonald,
'04, Daniel Ridlington, '01, William
Walker, '01, Anne Scribner, '98, and
Henrietta Pyre, '03.
  Registrar W. D. Hiestand has re-
ceived a letter from President C. K.
Adams, saying that Mrs. Adams had
quite recovered from her recent se-
vere illness and that he himself had
been improving daily, havcing re-
gained his appetite and increased his
,thers, and the men
so much to make
letics will be an im-
the "pulling out"
weight from 147 to 175 pounds, his
normal weight. The President said
that he and Mrs. Adams were about
to leave Italy [or Germany, where
they expected to remain for some
time. He said nothing about his
plans for the su mer, but it is prob-
able that they will spend the hot sea-
son at some re ort in the northern
part of Europe. They will not re-
turn to Madison until September.
  The annual m eting of the Milwau-
kee Collegiate *lumnae Association
was held May 1 , 1901, at the lhome
of Mrs. Howard Green (Louise Mc-
Mynn, '88). T e following officers
were elected:
  President, TYil
rington (Anna '
  Secretary, M:
(Edith Locke, 'i
  Treasurer, Misi
  The associati
with the local
has contributed
Libraries, and I
library to the W
Commission. I
bers sixty-eighl
gram after the
;s Ida Street, Vassar.
ý, Mrs. Norman Har-
pencer, '92.)
.s. Euclid Worden
Katherine Brigham,
)n has co-operated
Consumers' League,
to the Associated
as given a traveling
isconsin Free Library
he membership num-
   The social pro-
business session in-
women, entitled "Place aux Dames."
  Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Cook of White-
water recently gave to the public
library of that city as a book purchas-

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