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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

On the hill,   pp. 379-389

Page 379

On  the Hill.
French, sails June 12th for Paris.
  Miss Mildred Castle, assistant in
French, will spend the summer in
study in Paris.
  Prof. M. S. Slaughter will spend
the summer in Europe.
  Dr. 0. G. Libby will teach in the
Tower Hill summer school at Hill-
  Prof. E. B. Skinner and Prof. and
Mrs. L. W. Dowling will attend the
convention of the American Math-
matical Society at Ithaca, New York.
  Dean W. A. Henry attended the
dedication of the new agricultural
building of the University of Illinois
at Champaign on May 21st.
  Prof. W. F. Giese read a paper
before the Madison Literary Club
May 13th, on "' Criticism versus im-
  Dr. George B. Noyes, who for the
past year has been assistant professor
of English in tle University, has been
selected as the head of a new depart-
ment of Russian language in the Uni-
versity of Calif)rnia.
  Prof. C. R. Van Hise will spend
the summer visiting   the  various
parties at worlk on the United States
geological survey. During July he
will be in the East, August he will
spend in Colorado, and September in
the lake regionl of northern Wiscon-
sin. Professors Clements and Hobbs
and Mr. Leith will be in the field in
charge of parties on the survey.
  Among those who will visit the
Pan-American Exposition during the
summer are Prof. and Mrs. D. B.
Frankenburger, Prof. and Mrs. W.
A. Scott, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Elsoin,
Dean J. B. J)hnson, Prof. R. W.
Wood and Dr. S. E. Sparling.
        1903 BADGER BOARD.
  The class of 1903 followed the plan
adopted   in the   Badger   Board
election of last year.  The class
was   divided  into  sections, the
hill men, engineers and girls, each
section electing its own representa-
tives. The board consists of twenty-
seven members, of whom ten are hill
men, nine engineers and eight girls,
these numbers being approximately
pro rata.
  The hill men and girls held their
elections on April 26th; the following
were chosen by the men:
  Ezra T. Oftelie of Madison; Lyman
A. Libby, New Richmond; Chester
Lloyd-Jones,Hillside;Willis E. Brind-
ley,LaCrosse; Richard H. Hollen, Eau
Claire; Harry C. Johnson, Madison;
Jacob Primakow, Milwaukee; Henry
H. Otjen, Milv
sen, Centralia
  The followin
tives of the gir
  Gertrude M.
kauna; Mae P.
Ia.; Grace S. Di
P. Coleman, Cl
Cunningham, 4
Goddard, Fli e
C. Post, Dubu
Bishop, Dillon,
  On April 29t]
as their conting
  Gustav W.
John L. Sava
Armstrong, As]
Sparta; Martin
River Falls;
Cedar Rapids, '
,aukee; Carl T. Mad-
  Robert P. Kraus,
  are the representa-
Bossard, South Kau-
Telford, Mason City,
xon, Milwaukee; Mary
,ippewa Falls; Mary F.
Thippewa Falls; Mabel
eport, Ill.; Beulah
lue, Iowa; Jennie F.
ithe engineers elected
ent the following:
Jarvens, Wauwatosa;
3e, Madison; Arthur
iland; Frank P. Woy,
W. Torkelson, Black
xeorge R. Keachie,
Iowa; Irving Seaman,

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