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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

Progress of the University,   pp. 374-379

Page 374

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
versity edifice. The question to be discussed is one of consider-
able interest and can scarcely fail of entertaining an audience.
The additional exercises will also doubtless prove quite attractive,
and be of a character to do honor to the literary attainments of the
   "See notice in another column."
   The notice in the advertising columns reads as follows:
                   Athenaean Society.
   "Notice is hereby given that the Athenoan Society of the Wis-
consin University, will hold a special meeting in the New Univer-
sity Edifice, (unless some other place be hereafter appointed) on
Tuesday, July 1st. The exercises will consist of a regular debate,
accompanied by original speeches, compositions and declamations.
The question to be discussed is as follows:
   I" Resolved, That the female sex are not inferior in mental
 capacity to the male sex - that they should enjoy like facilities
 with the latter for acquiring a liberal education, and the right of
 suffrage should be extended to them.'
   "All are respectfully solicited to attend. Exercises to com-
mence at seven o'clock P. M.
   THos. LA DUE, Clerk.          D. K. TENNEY, President."
   The same notice appeared in the Wisconsin Express and Wiscon-
sin Statesman without editorial comment.
  The last of the weekly convoca-
tions for the present college year was
held on May 3d. The following is a
list of the speakers at these convoca-
tions since the last date in the list
published in the March MAGAZINE:
  March  1st - Senator John  M.
Whitehead of Janesville- Yale Col-
lege in 1873.
  March. 8th - Professor G. C. Com-
stock -The new star in Perseus.
  March   15th - Professor J. C.
Monaghan -The consular and dip-
lomatic service.
  March 22d -Professor J. F. A.
Pyre - The " wander-instinct" in
modern poetry.
  March 29th - Professor J. W.
Stearns - The high school and the
  April 12th -Memorial services for
Professor Whitney - Isham  Ran-
dolph, H. P. Boardman, '94, Profes-
sor F. E. Turneaure.
  April  19th - Professor Albert

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