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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

Fifty years ago,   pp. 373-374

Page 373

Fifty Years Ago.
  As it is now five years since the class of '96 made its last official
appearance in the halls of the University, preparations are being
made for a celebration of that anniversary in a fitting manner. The
local members of the class have been at work for some time and
have arranged for a program which they hope will bring together
a large proportion of the members from out ide the city. From
letters received by the local committee it now appears that a good
attendance at the reunion is assured. But all those who have not
already made up their minds to be here on June 18th are urged
to let nothing but the most imperative engagements keep them
away from Madison at that time.
  Believing that the main object of the reunion will be to bring
the members of the class together once more a d to allow them to
discuss their four years at the University, .n entirely informal
program  has been prepared.   After the regular meeting of the
Alumni Association, on Wednesday, June 19ti, at 9:30 A. M., the
class of '96 will hold a short meeting for the purpose of effecting
an organization for the next five years. The alumni banquet comes
at one o'clock, and at this the class will sit together. After the
banquet there will be a boat ride upon the lake, stopping at some
convenient point and returning in the evening.
  The local committee has endeavored to reach all those who
graduated with the class, but it should be understood that the
reunion includes also all those who were m embers during only
part of their course. But as no list of such persons could be
obtained, the notices have not been sent to them. All husbands
and wives of the class are also expected to be present and to assist
in making the reunion a success.
                   FIFTY YEARS AGO.
  Wisconsin Argus, Wednesday, June 25, 1851:
  " ATHENtEAN SOCIETY. -This Society announce that they will
hold a public meeting on Tuesday evening next, in the new Uni-

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