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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

Class reunions,   pp. 371-373

Page 371

Class Reunions.
                   CLASS REUNIONS.
  The thirtieth anniversary of the graduation of the class of '71.
promises to be marked by a gathering of nearly all the surviving
members of the class. At the last reunion, in 1896, it was voted
to meet again in 1901. The Madison members of the class have
taken the matter in hand and have written to 11 those living at a
distance, with the result that fifteen of the eighlteen members of the
classR now living have been heard from and a]l but two of these
expect to bet present at Commencement. The two who cannot
come are Mr. Volney Underhill, principal of the Carpenter School
of Chicago, whose commencement occurs the same week, and Mrs.
Sarah Hardenbergh Seger of Riverside, Cal.'
  No definite plans for th6'-gathering have been made, but there
will be an opportunity for a general gathering, and some form of
entertainment will be provided.
  Those who will be present, with their families, are:
  John W. Whelan, Mondovi, Wis.; Henry S. Bassett, Preston;
Minn.; Robert C. Orr, Hayes Center, Neb.; Albert Watkins, Lin-
ocln Neb * (Oru-lla T TAl,   ,   P+, T....... T,-, 'A  .
Grand Rapids, Wis.; Mrs. Adele Overton Br(
Gen. L. W. Colby, Beatrice, Neb.; Theodore I
D. C. ; Dr. Q. 0. Sutherland, Janesville, Wis.;
Hudson, Wis.; Charles Noble Gregory and Ge
son, Wis.
  Arrangements for the reunion of '76 are in
General E. R. Hicks. Correspondence has be
all the members of the class, and a large propoi
their intention to be present.
  The class of '81 will celebrate its twentieth
afternoon and evening of Tuesday, June 18th.
former instructors, with their husbands, wiv(
meet at two o' clock at the residence of Prof. Hc
iwn, Denver, Colo.;
Cole, Washington,
John W. Bashford,
wrge Raymer, Madi-
Ć½harge of Attorney-
en carried on with
-tion have expressed
anniversary on the
The class and all its
s and widows, will
ward L. Smith, 222

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