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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

The Iowa-Wisconsin debate,   pp. 362-366

Page 362

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
sanitary welfare of the community its study should be encouraged
and its importance impressed upon every college student of either
sex. And such study should be as thorough and scientific as the
student is willing to make it; especially should laboratory and re-
search methods be encouraged.
  The desired rounding out of the pre-medical course does not,
therefore, necessitate the introducing of any studies of purely pro-
fessional character, though in view of what the University is doing
along other purely technical lines,- in agriculture, law, pharmacy
and the engineering courses, such a step would seem justifiable,
even if this were the case.
  The near future is likely to witness the transfer of the second as
well as the first year of the medical college curriculum to the in-
stitutions of general learning; indeed, such an arrangement has re-
cently been made by Rush Medical College and the University of
Chicago. Prepared as the University of Wisconsin already is for
the greater part of this work, provision for the additional studies
could be made without very large expense. With such a course
of study taken, in large part, in connection with his regular college
course, the medical student could enter at once on the work of the
later years in one of the large clinical centers where alone the clin-
ical courses of the medical curriculum can be efficiently taught.'
It is to be hoped that the University of Wisconsin will not be be-
hind in this important movement, to my mind the most progres-
sive and far-reaching step which has yet been made in medical
education in this country.
                                       JOHN M. DODSON, '80.
  In the only intercollegiate debate of the present year, last year's
defeat by Iowa was fully avenged, and much was done to restore the
prestige of Wisconsin as a debating institution, somewhat dimmed
as that prestige had been by last year's record. The contest showed
again the effectiveness of the Wisconsin system  of team . work, the

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