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Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 13, Number 5 (Feb. 1912)

Alumni news,   pp. [257]-266

Page [257]

  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. John S. San-
born, a son, Arthur Craig, on November
15. Mrs. Sanborn was Gertrude Still-
man, '99.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Pfund,
Madison, a daughter, in January. Among
those present at the christening was
Judge L. P. Hale, '78, of Albany, N. Y.,
grandfather of the child.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. William F.
Kachel, on November 5, 1911, a son, at
Racine, Wis. Mrs. Kachel was Jessie
Corse, '06.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Aus-
tin, Lyndhurst, N. J., a daughter, on De-
cember 24.
          McCoy, '99-DEAN.
  Mrs. G. B. Coolidge, Rockford, Ill.,
announces the approaching marriage of
her sister, Nettie McCoy, to Ralph Parker
Dean of Canton, S. D.
       ACKER, '02-BEanY, '01.
  The engagement of Ruby M. Acker,
superintendent of the Fond du Lac Coun,
ty schools, to Claude Berry of El Paso,
Tex., has been announced. Mr. Berry is
civil engineer in El Paso.
        BLODGETT-GOVE, '04.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson Mead, Mil-
waukee, announce the  engagement of
their sister, Mrs. Margaret Pannill Blod-
gett, a well known magazine writer, to
George R. Gove, Washington, D. C., sec-
retary to the Secretary of the Interior.
        TORGERSON-BAAS, '06.
  The engagement is announced of Hazel
F. Torgerson, stenographer to Govs. Ia.
Follette, Davidson, and McGovern, to
Alexius Baas of Madison.
  Mrs. Ellen M. Kilgore, Madison, an-
nounces the engagement of her daughter,
Lea, to Avon R. Nottingham, Ithaca, N.
Y. The wedding will take place early in
      SHEPARD, '13-BEATH, '08.
  Orville A. Beath, Evansville, and Kath-
erine Shepard, a junior in the university
whose home is at Mineral Point, have re-
cently announced their engagement.
      RUSSELL, '03-PARKER, '03.
  The marriage of Elinor Russell, Supe-
rior, to George F. Parker, Duluth, took
place at the home of the bride on Janu-
ary 6. At home after March I at Duluth.
  Helen M. Pierce, Madison, and N. J.
Tredennick, Cooke, Mont., were married
December 14. They will reside in Cooke,
where the groom is a mining engineer.
        REBER-MAGUIRE, '03.
  Helen Jane Reber, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas D. Reber, Rockford,
Ill., and Beach Woodruff Maguire, son of
Mrs. George W. Maguire, were united in
marriage on December 8. The couple

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