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Johnson, Robert R. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 54, Number 4 (January 1950)

Kohli, Fritz
On the campus,   p. 18

Page 18

1k                Gaenpam
                             by fritz kohli e'50
Too Late to Start My Beard?
No! It's Never to Late!
YOU have almost two months re-
maining to blossom out in grand
style with a magnificant beard which
would make any lawyer green with
  It should be not only your priv-
ilege, but your duty to join the
ranks of the bearded engineers. The
advantages of growing a beard are
three-fold. First, you treat yourself
to fifteen or twenty minutes extra
sleep each morning during the time
you normally spend shaving. Sec-
ondly, you aid your society's St.
Pat contestant by the extra points
awarded for each beard. Thirdly,
your beard is one more instrument
in showing up our smooth-cheeked
friends, the lawyers.
  Prizes will be awarded for the
best, longest, curliest, thickest, and
best colored beards. And for those
who are not blessed by nature with
a profuse plumage, a special prize
is being offered for the puniest
  The I.R.E. Student Branch held
their monthly meeting on Wednes-
day, January 11. Plans for the
coming semester were discussed, and
a special election was held to replace
those officers who are graduating in
  The highlights of the evening
were informative talks by three stu-
dent members of the group. Jack
McCoy and Richard Pier, both sen-
ior E.E.'s explained the projects to
which they are currently devoting
their spare moments, and John Mc-
Mullens, a graduate student, spoke
briefly on Magnetic Amplifiers.
Kappa Eta Kappa
  Members of Kappa Eta Kappa
entertained their wives and dates at
an informal Christmas party at the
Capitol Hotel on December 9, 1949.
Presents were distributed to the
members and their guests by "Santa"
Rollie Chapple. The KHK Barber
Shop Quartet, composed of Don
Barber, Bob Feutz, Floyd Peronto
and Glenn Petersen, entertained by
singing several old favorites and
Christmas carols-
Hangover Hop
  An after New Year's party was
held in the Park Hotel on January
7, 1950 by the members of Eta
Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Sigma and Tau
Beta Pi. The party was informal,
providing a last chance to relax be-
fore final exams.
  Five new members were initiated
into the Wisconsin Chapter of Tri-
angle on December tenth. They are:
Professor Patrick H. Hyland, Ray-
mond H. Greisbach, John A. Mid-
dleton, Harry M. Bridwell and
Ned W. Breuer.
  The second rushing smoker of
this semester was held December
first for a group of engineers. The
group was entertained by some slides
of the old St. Pat's day parades.
Professor Patrick Hyland, the main
guest and speaker, gave a short talk
about the slides.
  The members of Triangle are
happy to announce the names of
three new pledges: Harland L. Biel-
efeldt, Robert C. Sommerfeld, and
George Simonds.
  Bill Brennand, two time Goodyear
Trophy winner at the Cleveland Air
Races, presented movies and a talk
on his experiences at a joint meeting
of ASME and SAE on January 5,
1950. Preliminary plans were made
for the St. Pat contest and the candi-
date from the Mechanical engineer-
ing school was elected.
  On November 30, the Society for
the Advancement of Management
held a meeting with Mr. Stanley
Stavrum, Personnel Director of Os-
car Mayer Co. Mr. Stavrum talked
on the popular subject of the day,
"How To Get a Job." The group
really got the inside dope on what
the interviewers and personnel men
are looking for, both good and bad.
  On December 9 the group held
its informal  Cabaret Christmas
Dance in Tripp Commons of the
Union. The evening started with
recorded music. Later a few physi-
cal education students were brought
in to head group games and a simple
form of barn dancing. The evening
was ended with an impressive series
of Christmas carols.
Latest Paris Style
-No less a person than Prof. D.
W. Brogan, the author of a learned
and witty book about America-
says the stylish women of Paris are
rushing to get their hair cut short,
and Paris men are wearing beards
again-full beards, Dundrearies, and
above all chin whiskers.
  There are two popular variants
of the chin whisker at present: Brig-
ham Young style, with a big square
beard; and Horace Greely style, with
a fringe around under the chin-in
both cases with shaven upper lips-
Des Moines Register via The Wis-
consin State Journal.

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