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Osterheld, C. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 18, No. 2 (November 1913)

Alumni notes,   pp. 95-96 ff.

Page 95

terial, the taste shown in the selection of material, the clearness
of the descriptions, the paper, press-work, and half-tones are
above criticism.
  Not to be outdone by the Commonwealth Edison Co. of Chi-
eago, which has recently purchased an enormous English-built
Parsons Turbine, the Interborough Rapid Transit Co. of New
York has awarded a contract to the Westinghouse Machine Co.
for a horizontal turbine of 30,000 KW capacity. We hope to
publish more detailed accounts of the two above mentioned in-
stallations, in the near future. Neither of the turbines are in
place as yet.
  Mr. Broders, the staff photographer, is going on the Eastern
trip with the Engineers, and we expect some good live snap-shots
of the places the men will visit. Watch for them in the Decem-
ber issue. Some more of that special feature service that we are
giving you this year.
                     ALUMNI NOTES.
  For a number of years the University Y. M. C. A. conducted a
student employment bureau, through the medium of which needy
students could obtain work to aid them in self-support, and pros-
pective employers could find help.
  This year the Board of Regents made an appropriation to
maintain a graduate and student employment bureau in connec-
tion with the Alumni Association office. When this was done,
the Y. M. C. A. immediately gave over its bureau and patronage
to the Alumni office.
   Chas. J. Belsky, '10, is instructor in Electrical Engineering at
the University of Pennsylvania.
   E. E. Sands, '00, is City Engineer of Houston, Texas.
   John C. Potter, B. S., '04, and E. E.. '09, is pursuing gradu-
ate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
   J. R. Iackiseh, '10, is in the U. S. Reclamation Service, with
headquarters at Powell, Wyoming.
   R. D. Lewis, '09, has a position as Assistant Mechanical Engi-
 neer with the Robinson, Cary & Sands Co., of St. Paul.
   A. B. Whitney, '08, is Assistant to the Manager of the Chicago,
 Milwaukee and St. Paul Railwav in Chicago.

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