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Hamilton Manufacturing Co. (Two Rivers, Wis.) / Wood type

[Typefaces],   pp. 2-63

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No. 12437 (Steel)
Floor Space. 43 z3014'. Height at front. 400.
Wood Type Cabinet e Large
Letter Cabinet * Drying Rack
Table * Newspaper File
Poster Stick * Drying Racks
No. 12437 Large Letter Steel Type Cabinet
This cabinet is designed for the storage of either Wood or large Metal Type.
contains 22 large letter type ces  as illustrated at right.  h c as two
compartments (with adjustale divisions) 16 x z14 'z 114' Insde, which
will accommodate a total of 75 pounds o either 84 point or 96 point metal type.
The eight boxes at the right will accommodate 5 pounds of spaces and quad.
The sloping working surface is 43%' wide and is divided by a removable metal
strp as illustrated.
For complete description se page 16 in Hamilton No. 20 catalog
Olive Green Baked Enamel Finish. Price, $175.00.
No. 12435 Wood Type Cabinet (Steel)
(Also made in Wood--No. 2435).
This is an inexpensive cabinet for the storage of wood type. It contains 24 wood
type cases each having one compartment 30j4'x 15' x 11/4' inside. Side rails
are groved (see illustration below) for adjustable divisions of which six are
supplied with each case.
For complete description see page 16 in Hamilton No. 20 catalog.
Steel- Olive Green Baked Enamel Finish. Price $62.00.
Wood-Ash-Antique Oak Finish. Price, $62.00.
No. 15130-X Steel Drying Rack Table--(3 tiers)
No. 15131-X Steel Drying Rack Table-(l tier)
The No. 18130-X Table includes 42 Drying Racks 20 inches wide, 281h inches
deep, 1 inches high inside. When removed from Table Racks may be stacked
on top of each other hecause they have "Interlocking" side rails. Price, $140.00.
No. 15131-X same as 15130- but only one-third capacity. For complete speci.
fications of these Tables see page 47 in Hamilton No. 20 Catalog.
Olive Green Baked Enamel Finish. Price, $70.00.
No. 15130-X Thure Tier Drying Rack. Floor Space. 733z30:/ '
No. 18131-X One Tier Drying Rack. Floor Space, 29%z301/2'
Both Racks are 40' high.
Large Letter Type Case.
Section of Wood Type Case.
No. 12435 (Ste e)    No. 2435 (Wood)
Floor Space. 85z2%1W. Height, 43'.
No. 5973 Newspaper File.
No. 180 Poster Stick.
[Page Forty I
No. 5973 Hamilton Newspaper File
This Newspaper File is strong and effifct, yet it in
simple in operation. It Is 28 ' long inside to take
eight columns or less. Height etween jaws is s'.
Made ofO oak with good hardware. It has two pointed
spikes which eliminate punching holes in papers.
Two screw eyes are provided for hangng up the
file*. To open the file, turn the flat head thumb screw
parallel with the slot in the upper jaw, then raise and
open the top jaw. FINISH: Flat Varnish. Price, $3.00.
No. 15860 Hamilton Poster Stick
This Poster Stick is made of standard thicknss galley
steel (18 gauge) and has a plated, rust-proof finish.
It is 2V inches wide inside and is Iong enough to
permit setting a 30' line.
The head, also the one side, is flanged upward,
double thickness, and has a bead the same as on a
Hamilton Double Well Galley (See Page 22). The
a        st   l    o   ta     of the stick end
ieby a screw that has a knurled and
slotted head to facilitate tightening. Price, $3.00.
Hamilton Interlocking Drying Packs
The Hamilton Line of Interlocking Drying Racks
consists of four standard sies ollows:
No. 5192-X Interlocking Drying Rack, size inside,
20' wide, 28 ' deep, 134'high. Will take one
stack of each ofthe following paper sizes: 17 x 22',
17 x28' and 19z2S'. Or two stacks of 11z l70or
126x 19'. Price, $1.40.
Note: This Rack fits in Nos. 15130-X and 15131-X
Drying Rack Tables shown below.
No. 5195-X Interlocking Drying Rack, size inside,
26' wide, 39' deep, 1 Whigh. Will take one stack
ofeither 24t 36' or 28 z  paper. Price, $2.40.
No. 5197-X Interl     Drying Back, size inside,
33' wide, 48' deep, 1 , high. Will take one stack
of eer 28142' or 32144' paper. Price, $2.90.
No. 5200-X Interlocking Drying Reck. size inside,
39' wide, 82' deep, 14' high. Will take one
stack of 38x 50' paper. Price, $4.90.
aterial: Side Rails, Hardwood; Bottoms made of
soft wood strips approximately 3 / to 4' wide with
about Is space between. Nofinish.
All prices are subject to change without notice. Slightly higher in South and West.
A Stack of Interlocking Drying Racks.
All of the above Prying Racks have side rails with
an interlocking feature as shown in the illustration.
This feature permits them to be placed on top of each
other in rigid stack., and to be moved on trucks
without shifting. Bottoms are slat construction.
Note: All standard Racks are made with the Inter-
locking Side Rails running the largest dimension.
Spmal size Racks made on order. Pices quoted on

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