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Marder, Luse & Co. / Price list and printers' purchasing guide : showing specimens of printing type manufactured by Marder, Luse & Co., foundry, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Catalogue,   pp. [10]-172

Page 168

168                 MARDER, LUSE & CO.
Useful Hints.
When ordering a font of type, or sorts, remember that every foundry has
Its own Special number, and te number, name of type, and specimen book
should beiven. Our "No. 13 Brevier" doesn't mean the same face as the
same mtW of other foundries.
When the type is received, if it be a job or display font, examine cars-
foiP to see i e   letter is in t  font before Iayingm ne case; i Roman
or ctalc check off each letter as it is laid in the case. ALWAYS handle your
ty   wi1h care, placing it gently in the case, and thus save the hair-lines.
In t   w   you may be able to make type work better and last longer. The
r    ar paging galley, which is about 5X6 inches, will be found useful in
t the back as well as the face of your forms is clean, and have
the bed,   ten, blanket, tympan, etc., in like condition. When overlaying
or undrlaying, look out for lums in paste and paper.
The wegh of a single parcel y mail s lmtd to four punis. Ype
weighing ove  our pounds can be divided as required to send by mail. The
rate is 1 cent per ounce. But it is safer and generally cheaper to forward
over two pounds by express, and over fifty pounds by freignt.
If goods fail to arrive within a reasonable time noty us, and we will
send a tracer after them. If freight charges seem too heavy, advise us of the
rate and amount paid. On the arrival of goods check them by the bill and
no    us at once of any shortage or discrepancy.
it is desired to open an account at a foundry where you have no ac-
qua_ntance, send references or the money. Or, if you wish a cut or small
package sent C. 0. D., send enough money to pay charges at least, or you
may suffer from delay while the founder writes you for a remittance, or ref-
erence as to your l .acial standing. Confidence is of especial value in ren-
dering business relations pleasant and nothing else so tends to give confi-
dence as ready and prompt payment.
Remittances should he by-draft (preferred), check, express note, postal
note or order. Postal notes are issued at all postoffices for sums less than
$5 fee 8 cents. Postoffice money-order can be procured in almost any city
or'larg town for small sums, $5 5c.; $10, 8c.; $15 10oc. $30, 15c.; 40, 20c.;
$50,2 .:; $0, Mc.; $70, 35c.; $80, 10c.i $100, 45c. Vostage stamps, in small
quantities, in payment for goods are always acceptable.

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