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New type faces, borders, elements, brass rule


American Type Founders Company
New type faces, borders, elements, brass rule
Jersey City, New Jersey: American Type Founders Company, 1917
215 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.

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[Title page], pp. [1]-[2]

Index, pp. [3]-[4]

Announcement, p. [5]

Cloister oldstyle, pp. 6-11

Cloister italic, pp. 12-17

Cloister title, pp. 18-19

Cloister bold, pp. 20-25

Cloister bold italic, pp. 26-29

Cloister bold title, pp. 30-31

Cromwell Series, pp. 32-33

Goudy oldstyle, pp. 34-35

Goudy italic, pp. 36-37

Goudy title, pp. 38-39

Extra condensed dorsey, pp. 40-41

Cheltenham medium expanded, pp. 42-43

Cheltenham medium condensed, pp. 44-45

Rugged roman, pp. 46-49

Venetian series, pp. 50-53

Venetian italic series, pp. 54-55

Light oldstyle, pp. 56-57

Caslon oldstyle no.471, pp. 58-61

Caslon oldstyle italic no.471, pp. 62-65

Extra condensed caslon, pp. 66-67

Bodoni book, pp. 68-69

Bodoni italic, pp. 70-71

Bodoni bold italic, pp. 72-75

Card bodoni, pp. 76-77

Century oldstyle bold condensed, pp. 78-81

Card litho, pp. 82-83

Rimmed litho, pp. 84-85

Drew series, pp. 86-87

Packard series, pp. 88-91

Baskerville roman, pp. 92-97

Baskerville Italian, pp. 98-99

Quick-set roman, pp. 100-101

Franklin gothic italic (non-kerning), pp. 102-105

Caslon shaded, pp. 106-109

Typotabular gothics, p. 110

Adscript series, p. 111

Invitation shaded in display, p. 112

Lithograph shaded, p. 113

Cheltenham extrabold shaded, pp. 114-115

Cheltenham bold shaded, pp. 116-119

Cheltenham bold italic shaded, pp. 120-123

Antique shaded, pp. 124-127

Copperplate gothic shaded, pp. 128-129

Franklin gothic condensed shaded, pp. 130-131

Wedding text shaded, pp. 132-133

Bodoni bold shaded, pp. 134-136

Bodoni shaded initials, pp. 137-139

Cloister initials, pp. 140-145

Versatile initials, pp. 146-149

Cloister ornaments, pp. 150-151

[Bodoni mortised ornaments and bodoni ornament], pp. 152-153

Trap shooter series, pp. 154-155

Floral decorations, pp. 156-160

Vacation ornaments and bookman ornaments, p. 161

Holiday ornaments, pp. 162-163

Post card embellishers, p. 164

Lithotone ornaments, p. 165

[Borders], pp. 166-179

[Typewriter type faces], pp. 180-181

[Fractions], pp. 182-185

[Calendars], pp. 186-187

[Emblems], pp. 188-190

Brass rule section, pp. 191-211

[Typotabular information], pp. 212-215 ff.


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