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Hamilton Manufacturing Co. (Two Rivers, Wis.) / Wood type

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The manufacturing of Wood Type was the first step under-
taken by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company in supplying
equipment to the Graphic Arts Industry fifty-eight years ago
this year. While today it is a very small percentage of our
printing equipment volume, nevertheless, being the cradle of
our business, we have never once relaxed in our efforts to
constantly improve its quality and accuracy.
We realize that our reputation is wrapped up in every package
of Wood Type that leaves our plant. Our reputation for
quality merchandise and fair dealings with our customers who
have made this business possible is the envy of every manu-
facturer of equipment in the industry. We are not infallible-we
make mistakes-but it never can be said that the Hamilton Manu-
facturing Company let a customer down by not standing behind
its products. We say again, as we have said many times before,
"Any Wood Type that is not satisfactory, due to poor material
or workmanship, will be replaced without cost to the customer."
This catalog shows only a very small percentage of the faces
we can make, but it does show those faces that are most
popular and in which the greater part of our business is done.
We have patterns to cut over 5000 different styles. So if
nothing in this book pleases you-or if you want to add or
replace characters for faces you now have which are not shown
in this book-write us-it is likely we can meet any need.
This catalog is somewhat different from any we have gotten
out for many years. We show more styles of faces-although
they are not shown in as many sizes as was our custom in the
past. The largest size we show is 10-line, but this size and
smaller constitute the bulk of our business. Practically every
style can be made in any size up to 100-line. W  type
increases and decreases in direct proportion. For example,
characters of 8-line size are exactly twice as wide and the
printing face is twice as heavy as 4-line size of the same face.
Wood Type, when it reaches you, has a very highly polished
finish on its printing surface. Never, under any circumstances,
use any patented type-cleaning compound as used on metal
type, or this polish will be ruined and the type rendered useless
for fine printing. When cleaning Wood Type, merely wipe it
off with a rag that has been dampened with benzine. Do not
saturate Wood Type with anything-not even benzine. Some
of the first fonts of Wood Type made by this company over
fifty years ago are still in use and in good condition because
they have received proper care.
The printing quality of Wood Type increases as the Wood
Type is used. You cannot expect as nice a job of printing with
new Wood Type as you can get with Wood Type that has been
used for some time. This is because the pores of the wood
must be thoroughly filled with ink.
Excellent results will be had with Wood Type using any good
ink on bond, book, or newsprint papers. We do not recom-
mend its use in large sizes on enamelled stock unless the finest
of ink is used and the ink distribution system on the press is
good, in which case fine results can be expected.

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