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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

Part third. Containing pieces for prayer and social meetings, revivals, and music for the old folks.,   pp. [316]-362

Page 322

z           Gentl.                                  NM    UN T HOPE.    
           7s&4s, OrSs,7s,&4s.                                  
F     t     t. 
1. Hark. f.  i yon'ler mountarise Notes  f sadness, Je-sus dies! On the cross
the Lord of Lords Love forguilty man re-cords; Sinner, sinner, Hear your
dying Saviour's words. 
1.  Hart!   fr                                                          
iouur  wordsiGulth t ar 
-f  --_. 
2. Mortal. for ,o ur guilt I  die, Guilt tat dared your God defy; Blood-foryouI
free -ly give; Death I taste &atyoumaylive; Will you, sinnor, Free sal-va-tionnow
Slow andl with Tfderness.              THROUGH          THE NIGHT AIR STEALING.
Quartet.                                             F th German. 
1. Thro'the night air steal - ing, Hark I tl1e bell is peal - ing, Mourn-ful-ly
and slow; Rest to the soul de - part-ed, Peace to the bro-ken hearted, In
this vale of woe. 
2. Say for whom thou ring - est  If  to him thou bring- est, Hopes beyond
the tomb; Or if the sound ap-pals him, When sad death's summons calls him
To uncertain doom 
Gently.                                          "CHANT A DIRGE TEARFULLY."
                                                  1.. .m teC            .
1. Chant a dirge tearfully For our lost frieiid: God takes so fearfully That
he doth lend: In chaplets gracekl-ly Me-mo-ries weave, She hath so peace-ful-ly
Left us to wreathe. 
2. Mourn not he, youthfulnese Perishing here, For love and truthfulness Cast
out her fear; Mourn not, thou mother, The earlyg rave given, For she won,
thro' another, Theearlier heaven 
3. Death comes scarce welf m ly To the youn g"'rt, Ilie bears him so
gloomilly Doing his part 1 eweaves such dark fen, t jess Round our dim sightWe
shrink with tearfuness ck to life's light. 
4.   Bear   g    caref - ly By fes ra        h may we prayerfully watch outeach
day; That whenour framn, -AtnlesslyToearthareiv  Wemaywith ht l 
*Snnttef              s Undrhlli.h_.  -7    ...    I-f 
.  -,                                   " Sung at the flneral of Miss
Ujnderhitl of the Brooklyn Anademv, 
i',i  '-I  I 

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