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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

Part third. Containing pieces for prayer and social meetings, revivals, and music for the old folks.,   pp. [316]-362

Page 318

k3  I n , h.a,,,, 11t,.e ,n, with  , m         BLISSFUL            HOPE.
        C. IL 
H1. Hail, sweetest, dearest tie that binds Our glow-ing hearts in one: Hal
I sacred 'hope, that tunes our minds, To joys before un-known. It  is the
hope, tbh blissful 
What tho' the north-em win- ter- blast May hw a- round my cot; What tho'
be-neath a south-ern sun  Be east thy dis -tant lot. Forthereweshare the
blissful. &C, 
S. From Burmah's shore, from Afristrand, 
-------_.- From India's burning plain; 
---                 -     --i---                               __       
                        From Europe and Columbia's laud, 
We hope to meet again. 
hope,Which Jesus' grace has given: The hope,when days and years are pastWe
all shall meet in heaven at last, We all shall meet in heav'n.  For there
we share the blissful, &e. 
4.No lngriglook, nrptigsigh 
--  ,"  ---- -   _ -   -L--# --'  "-. _      - -     -        
   i    --.Lp           Our future home shall know, 
re love shall beam from every eye, 
,And hope immortal grow. 
Oh, saared hope, Oh, blissful hope, 4e 
IF-l.                                SHOUT THE GLAD TIDINGS. 12s&ls.
oHOus TO ZiCO YZX8" 
1. Zi -on! the mar-vel-ous sto- r    be  tell-ing, The 
uttiegladtid-ings, ex- ult-ing-ly     sing, Je- ru - sa-lem triumps, Messi-
al is King. 2. Tell howbe com-eth fromna-ton to      na-ton, The 
8., Mor-tals I your homage be grateful - ly bring-ing, And 
Son   of., the High-est, how low -ly  his birth le brightest arch-an -gel
in  glo - my  ex - eel -lng, He stoops to  re- deem thee, he reis up - on
heart-eheer-ing news let the earth ech - o  round: How free to  the faith-ful
 he of - fers sal - va -.tion, How his peo - pie with joy e-er-lastingTare.owned.
swet let the gladsome ho - san - nas a - rise - Ye an- gels t e full ha.
- le - lu - jab be  ting- ing, One eho- rs re- sound thro' the earth and
the skies. 
'P t- t-A 
I             *            1 
OI I L' 
Ir F 

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