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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

Chants,   pp. [312]-315

Page 314

NO. 9. "NzXaZZ TO TEML" 
From Shawim 
I' L   , 1 I J , II ] I 
1. Nearer, my God, to thee, 
Nearer to I thee I 
E'enthough it be a cross 
That I raiseth j me; 
Still all my song shall I he,- 
Nearer, my  God, to I thee,- 
Nearer to I thee I 
I. Though, like the wanderer, 
The"I sun gonel down, 
Darkness be over me, 
bilrest a I Stone; 
Y inm my I dreams rd I be 
Nerer, my L God, to    thee 
Nearer io1 thee I 
8. There let the way appear, I 
Steps unto I heaven; 
All that thou sendest me, 
In whercy I given; 
Angels to I becon I me 
Nearer, my IGod, to j thee,- 
Nearer t   thee ! 
4. Then, with my waking thought., 
Bright with thy I praise, 
Out of my stony griefs, 
* Bethel I'll raise; 
So hy my I woes to I be 
Nearer, my I God, to j thee, 
Nearer to f thee I 
5. Or if on joyful wing, 
SClaing the 1 sky, 
Sun, moon, and stars forgot, 
Upward I 1 fly; 
Still all my  sog Shall be,-- 
Nearer, my] God, toj thee, 
Nearer to I thee ! 
No. 10. SnIogL. 
From Car. Saer. 
1. Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place 
In I all.,gene- I rations. 
2. Before the mountains were brought forth, 
Or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, 
Even from everlasting to ever- I lasting I thou art 
L Thou turnest man to destruction; 
And sayst, RItitum ye I chil-dren of I men. 
ILnar What is not a- j samed of I me. I A- I n-m 
4. For a thousand years in thy sight 
buta yesterday whe itfj pmst, 
And I as a ( the I ight 
5. Thou enest them away as with alood, 
Theyare as a sleep; 
In the morning they are like gross which Igroweh I up 
6. In the mor'ning it~ &uisheth, and groweth up. 
In the evening it is eut I down, out I dow, and 
1. Who knoweth the power of thine anger I 
Even according to thy fear I so. .1* thy I wrath 
8. So teach us to number our days, 
That we may ap- I ply our I heart. .unto I wisdom. 
NO. 11, "Jsus, AND SHALL IT SYS& NIL" 
1. Jesus ! and shall it ever be- 
A mortaj man a- I shamed of theeI 
Ashamed of thee-whom angels praise ! 
''Whose glories shine through| endless I day*# 
2. Ashamed of Jesus f-that dear friend 
On whom my hopes of I heaven de- I pendI 
No 1-when I blush, be this my shame- 
That I no more re- I vere his I name. 
3. Ashamed of Jesus ?-yes, I may, 
When I've no guilt to I wash a- I way- 
No tear to wipe--no good to crave, 
No fears to quell-ao I soul to I save! 
4. Till then-nor is my boasting vain- 
Till then, I boast a I Saviour I slain I 
And ohl mayi~ this my lory be- 

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