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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

Chants,   pp. [312]-315

Page 313

C H A N T S-Continue& 
r No. 5. "0, WxAT Is LiFE           From Shawm. 
RWkat is your ife I 
1. 0, what is life?--?tis like a flower 
That blossoms and is I gone; 
It flourishes its little hour, 
With I all its beauty I on: 
Death comes, and like a wintry day 
It cuts the lovely I flower a- I way, 
2. 0, what is life l-'tis like the bow 
That I glistens in the I sky: 
We love to see its colors glow: 
But I while we look they I die; 
Life fails as soon :-to-day 'tis here, 
To-morrow it may I disap- I pear. 
8. Lord, what is life T-if spent with thee, 
Io I humble praise andj prayer, 
How long or short our life may be, 
We I feel no anxious I care: 
Though life depart, our joys shall last 
Wen lie ad all its I osare Ipast. 
Desires for God's presene. 
1. Wilt thou not visit me ! 
The plant beside me feels thy I gentle I dew; 
Each blade of grass I see, 
From thy deep earth its quickening I moisture I drew. 
Wilt thou not visit me I 
2. Wilt thou not visit me I 
Thy morning calls on me with I cheering I tone; 
And *every hill and tree 
Lend but one voice, the voice of I thee a- j ione. 
Wilt thou not visit meI 
3. Wilt thou not visit me I I need thy love, 
More than the flower, the dew, or I grass, the I rain; 
Come, like thy holy dove, 
And let me in thy sight rejoice to I live a- I gain. 
Wilt thou not visit me I 
4. Yes ! thou wilt visit me: 
Nor plant, nor tree, thine eye de- I lights so I well, 
As when from sin set free, 
Man's spirit comes with thine in I peace to I dwell 
Yes, thou wilt visit me. 
No. 7. "COME TO ME."              From Shawm. 
0'   *i !  r   g 
Come unto me all ye that labor and are hleavyladen and I 
will give you rest.-Matt. 11: 28. 
1. With tearful eyes I look around, 
Life seems a dark and I stormy  sea; 
Yet, 'midst the gloom, I hear a sound, 
A heavenly I whisper, I "Come to I me." 
2. It tells me of a place of rest- 
It tells me where my I soul may I flee; 
Oh I to the weary, faint, oppressed, 
How sweet the I bidding 1"Come to I ma," 
8. When nature shudders, loth to part 
From all I love, en- I joy, and i e; 
When a faint chill steals o'er my heart, 
A sweet voice I 'tters, j "Come to I ne. 
4. Come, for all else must fail and die, 
Earth is-no resting 1 place for I thee; 
Heavenward direct thy weeping eye, 
I am thy I portion, "Come to | me. 
5. 0 voice of mercy! voice of love I 
In conflict, grief andl ago- I ny, 
Support me, cheer me from above ! 
And gently I whisper, I "Come to I me." 
No. 8. "HEAR, GRtACIOUS GOD."      From Shaw=. 
1. Hear, gracious God I my humble moan, 
To thee I I breathe my J sighs; 
When will the mournful night beVone, 
I:And when my I joys a-.I rise? :1 
2. My God I Oh, could I make the claim,- 
My Father, I and my I Friend,,- 
And call Thee mine, by every name, 
1: On which thy I saints de- I pend;-:1 
8. By every name of power and love, 
I would thy I grace en- I treat; 
Nor should my humble hopes remove; 
I: Nor leave thy I mercy- I seat. :1 
4. Yet thoughmy soul in darkness mourns, 
Thy word is I all my I stay; 
Here I would rest till light returns;- 
1: Thy presence I makes my I day.:1 
5. Speak, Lord, and bid celestial peace 
Relieve my I aching I heart; 
0 smile, and bid my sorrows cease, 
I: And all the I gloom de-I part. :j 
6. Then shall my drooping spirit rise, 
And bless the I healing I raysi, 
And change these deep, complaining sighs 
I: To songs of I sured i prase. : 
Wilt thou not vi - sit me. 
.... W 
t rq= 
19   L                     I= 
I                          qV' 

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