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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

The music teacher,   pp. [III]-XXXVIII

Page VI

uire the 
G oz TEBLE Cnr,.                 Fof 
The scale with the F or ba c clef is written thus: 
S                12     8  4        5  6  8   8'     6   5  4   3     1 
G A s C   D   E   F  G   A   B  C,  C   B  A   G  F   E   D   C. 
Do re mi fa sol la    si do,    d si  lasol fa mi re do. 
lie   Sing the scale with the numerals, letters, and syllables, in all the
ties of measure, being careful to acent corecetly. 
Question the pupils in the above lessons something as follows: 
-    (h<,4l~n,.,i 1Vht i, lhe seond distncton'?-1. How many sounds have
we in the diatow 
5    4    8   2 
G    F   E    D    0. 
et fa    mi   re  do. 
aul fa* mee ray do. 
neasure, that is, beating two, 
exercise will be to sing two 
o much time cannot be spent 
lre I of the scale is written ? A. Characters 
Q* where  n e is written; thus, 
Pitniotann the a s inawe. 
Let the 
this lesson. 
?what letters? Twhat syllables LA. Ho~w 
,f the suff? A. It determines the pitch 
a other ones acquired '--. What charac- 
sawm  ,.,wrtten wmith theb ( = ef? with 
that[ te to | efirs hn ,i f eleC!  st space . secondline  &c,-IL. What
isect,  firstspace! &c 
tter, and syllables be learned most faithfully, before leaving 
SLe lXERCis ,Xs ron PRAcC. Sing by syllables frst. 
~) ~ 
Joyons mnd free, we sing now this glee, We sing now this glee, we sing now
this glee. 
No. L 
ii        I    I   i  t I,   5  1  ..  If"   . . . r2  :I 
|                        1    ' I        I _  i 
A- how joy-ous  is  the  sound, When we  all  ea - rol the  round. 
. H. 
"'0       ed                       P, t t  "  I  a Pl I"IL
hIig-ing merri-Iy, singing eheeri- ly,   LIlaa IS In la 1I      Isl I   
Callet, Double Bar, and shows th end of a ine or straiu. It SOMOUt"
atvides aU4i sl 
measures, sa mznetnres into parts of measures. 
t Called a GQie. and shows the end of a pLO" Of O mm. 
t    "' 

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