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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1892-1958; Herbert, J. B. (John Bunyan), b. 1852 (ed.) / Great revival hymns for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Devotional hymns,   pp. [199]-[244]

Page [231]

No. 281.
I How    firm   a foun-da- tiou, ye saints of the Lord, is laid for your faith in His ex - ce-lent wordl
2."Fcar not; I am   with thee; 0 be not dis-mayedl For I am thy God, I will still give thee aid;
3."When through the deep waters l call thee to go, The  riv- ers of sor-rowshallnoto-verflow,
4,"When through fiery ti-al8 thy path-way shall lie, My grace, all   - fl-cient, shall be thy sup-ply,
What more can He say than to you   He bath said, To you, who for re-uge to Je -sus have fled?
I'll steh~en thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand Up - held by my gra-cious, om-o - o-et ad
-For    I  will be with thee, thy tri - als to bles, And sane - ti - fy to thee thy deep-es dis - rs.
The flme shallnot hurtthee-I on - ly de - sin Thy dross to cou-sume, and thy gold to re -fine.
5"E'en down to old age, all my people shall prove
My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love;
And when hoary hairs shall their temples adorn,
Like lambs they shall still in my bosom be borne.
No. 28-2. My Shepherd.,
Firut or Second Tune-
I The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know;
I feed in green pastures, safe folded I rest;
He leadeth my soul where the still waters flow,
Restores me when wand'rng, redeems when oppress'd.
2 Thro' the valley and shadow of death tho' I stray,
Since Thou art my Guardian, no evil I fear;
Thy rod shall defend fme, Thy staff be my stay;
No harm can befell with my Comforter near.
3 In the midst of affliction my table is spread;
With blessings          my cup rineth o'er;
With perfume and oil Tlou annointest my head;
0 what shall I ask of Thy providenee more?
4 Let goodnes and mercy, my boun ifulGod,
Still follow my steps till I meet Thee above.
I seek by the path which my fore-fathers trod,
Thro' the landf their sojourn, Thy kingdom of love.
I     I1          I                      I
6"The soul that on Jesus bath leaned for repose,
I will not, I will not, desert to his foes;
That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shako.
I'll never, no, never, no,* never forsake."
No. 283. Delay Not.
Firgt or Sleejzd Ten
1 Delay not, delay not, 0 sinner, draw near,
The Waters of life are now fwing for thee,
No     e is demanded, the avior is here,
Redemption is purchased, salvation is free.
2 Delay not, delay not, why longer abse
The love and compassion of Jesus, thy God?
A fountain is open, how canst thou refuse
To wash and be cleansed in His pabid6ning blood?
3 Delay not, delay not, 0 sinner, to come,
For Mercy still fingers and cales thee today:
Her voice is not heard in the vale-of the tomb;
Her message, unheeded, will son paw away,
4 Delay pot, delay not, the Spirit of gans
Long grieved and resisted, may take his sadiligK
And leave thee in darkness to finish thy race,
To sink in the gloom of eternity's eight.
No. 284.      How Firm a Foundation.
George Keith.      Seeond Tue.
Hlow Firm a Foundation.
Firsf Tsar,
- - I -   -
Annse Steel.
I      '
!I N i 7
r         r - H.
1. How firm a foundation, ye sa ts oI the Lord, Is Wd for your faith in Rig e cellent wordl What more can He
I N INS       P        11    N P   I    N P-4
aaythantoyonHe bath saidjo you,.ho for refuge to Jesus have god? ToyouwhO for refugO to Jesus hATe field?

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