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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1892-1958; Herbert, J. B. (John Bunyan), b. 1852 (ed.) / Great revival hymns for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Devotional hymns,   pp. [199]-[244]

Page [218]

n, Jr,        U 11o.       '                                    E. 0. Exceit.
N                                                     -for the heavly land,. Ney-or lose eight of Jeo-usf
i-tly with lov-ing hand,                           Nov -er lose sight of Jo-ailS.
He w   lead you right,                              ev  or lose sight of Jo-sw.
3 Tho' dark the pathway ay   hes
*  ..                 ~.                aead,
. J[- ens    Neer lose sgt ofdeM - eway;        Never lose sight of Jesus;
s "I will benwityou,"i word balls.
S . . *ot. said,
S-                                           ever lose sight of Jesus.
e h   enly  2 When-7'er you're tempted to go     When death isknocking o the.
us;(leand,    Never lose sight of Jesus; [astray,   Never lose sight of Jesus;  [door,
dlth loving   Press onward, upward, the narrow   Till safely landed on Canaan'sshore.
ss. [hand,    Never lose sight oWesus.   [way,    Never lose sight of Josus.
Come, Ye 6inners.
J. Ingalls.
uers, poor and need - y, Weak and wound-ed, sick and sore;            H
-y  stands  to   save you, Full   of  pit - y, love and pow'r Tuan     to tb.
*or  and   sal   va -tion Chist the Lord is come to      reign.
~~D C.I
I                                            4 Coe, yeweary,heavy ladon ,
vs - ton, Sound the praise of  B mised and mangled by the fall.
His ear ame,   if you tarrytll you're better,
P1                   I             You will never come at all,
ad well o one, 13 Letr.'oltonK i e n cem a ke yo u lin ger, 5 Agonizing in the garden,
y;  INo o         BBtee fondly dream;     Your Redeemer prostrate lies,
Jypntne   All the fitness He requireth     On the hloody tree behold Hinl
i you nigh. 1 1 to feel your need of Him..       Hear Rim cry, before He dies.
lust Jesus Bear the -Gross -Alone?
I.              Feourth Tue-                             Gen. N. Allen.
golden crown

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