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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1892-1958; Herbert, J. B. (John Bunyan), b. 1852 (ed.) / Great revival hymns for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Devotional hymns,   pp. [199]-[244]

Page [205]

No. 201.                   Love    Divine.
Charles Wesey.             First nohnZ
1. B oe atheoh , ba love e 3l Joy of  to e  eomedownt FIX In us   Thy -nelw creatin
D.L .-V S- it s with Thy sal-va-tion.
A 202. Isatk       the :  ke-   o  Jer  1    G a          Fi
I                 F  F   or  r           , __ 16
P   i i          - I     ,i            i   if   f
2 Haklth o of atesushcllving 21 oue canoty th eoean  4 Whileh then Toul ow mein;d
Whto willy goubnd ort-dayi And Lth eallThen lrand elreve  Pu and pte lt als oryou
iet ls ae whee herita   Yudn fin  an neer,  Let none heat  &-udvain
Who ws ilnea the sevest  eay  mou canhel temp lat e ou doo kTettres otin a dhee:
TLou andy lthe Mlter c hnI; Thou at an  e aaels, u Gladl taked th tlory et givsyo
H reand ord, b end me  rv Yo c a a hy ho de fo Tll M in heamn taor laede
Endof faith, asue int   [ pr'  e al Thy praise eeihuvess il wue casptl ur crws beoe; e
set Ou hartlt I-1    Glr in Thy pe [u rect lndve, |n Lt in woer lyoe and raise.
No. 202. Hark the Voice of Jesus GallinA.
Firt or .Seond a .
1 Hark the voice of Jewus ealing,  2 If youecannotcrossthe ocean  3 While the souls of men are dying
Who wld go add work to-day?  3Ad theeahen land explore,  And the e flls r you,
Ted are white,te harvest waiting You can find te heathe neare ,  Let none hear you ile sayipry
Whow bearthake eavesawayl  I Yu can help them at your door;  "ThereinotuI ca dol
Loud and long, the Master cae  If you cfnot speak Eke angels,  Gldly take gd task He tiveser
Rich reward He offer tree;  I he yed met on he  wIt Hs work your plesre be;
Who will aswe, gladle sayng,  SYoU can tell the loe Of Jast,  Answh quickly wton Heleg,
boTHyre am 1, 0 Lord, send me." _ -IYou cn saA He died for alL.  "He amo 0Lora send me."
No. 203. Jesus, I My Gross Have Taken.
The hae -o%  my amvior e to kCoe, disateraveo and folo The Waed poor, espd, foy rsaer
goy     o~v~~hmI  I                                 Asetydm~ nbe  I  I   tW
l~~~o~~myk ~ ~ ~ m~~y~~l  8  y o   a  'rm  tl I  I  t

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