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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1892-1958; Herbert, J. B. (John Bunyan), b. 1852 (ed.) / Great revival hymns for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Devotional hymns,   pp. [199]-[244]

Page [203]

No. 196. The Son of God Goes forth to War.
R Heber.                            F"   Tuar.                        H. S. Cuer.
2That marty fis, irbone eagle cy: 3 A noble han, the chose few,  14 A noble army,  me  n boys
Could ierce beyond the grave;   On whom the Spirit came; [knew,r The matron an  He m  ai
Whno saw His Mase in the aky;   Twelve valiant sants,their hope theyj Around the Savior's throne reole!
And called on Him to save.       And mock'd the cross and flame. j In robes of light arrayed;
Like lim~with pardon on His tongue| They met the tyrant's brandioh'd I They clmbed the steep asent 0|S
In midst of mortl pain,  [wrong,  The lion's gory mane;  Lsaeel,1  Tbr' peil toll, and pain, (beav'm.
S.pydfothlthtddteThey bwed their heads the stroke             0Gd ou       a   rc e|vn
Who follows in His train?       Who follows In their train?(to feel,' To follow in teir train.
No       197.               ThyWord ista l                           1amp.
oals 119. Firsf or e                Tas..
13 Thy word is to my feet a lamp,   h  rewl Hrnso        ymot       fTytsioishv
Andto myr thalirst,          , e Accept, I Thee beseech,         Abe a th n  ad oke,
C wil perform, ans e have swOr no And unto me, 0 Lord, do Thou  To be my heritage for aye,
To keep Thy judgmets right.   Thyjudgmea clearly tehch.   [ For they my hear't rejoi ce .
i wthiction very sore          Tho mtl my soul he an  my brand  Withe careI have styearpat  ol
Am ovewbelmed, 0 Lor d      g   Thy lao I'll  ot forget;   [ That       oitshouldastill attend
In mercy raise and qtdcke me,  I Terred not from them, tho' ome  Thy statuts always toce be v,
According to Thy word.          The wicked snares did sot.    And keep e ol the t n.
NO98.                          Joy to the World                   .
I. Watts,                            e  or      T  wte.               (. F. H   dol.
I    Joy to the w    rl, the Lord in come; Lear  re-cve her  in; Le o hry heartimonieshae
-                                              . oyt
.n No mo let sin ad sorrow gow, Nor thorns infa the ou; e comel to          e chie
4    erfrs   Iesor    n,       And   mes t    nado  pov  T   glo   rie  fo i   es,
Toke  Thy juget righ,      Tyuge         lal ec.           Frte     yhatrjie
room, And heav'n and nature sing,
plais, Repeat the sounding joy,
flow  Faasrthe cureis found,
new, And wonders of His love,
And heav'n and nature sing, And heavn,
Re-peat the sounding joy,  Re - peat,
Far as the cure is found,  Far   as,
And wonders of His love,   And   wood
Si.r ... .   ..  .    .  .  .
And hser'i4 p-t..~ Sar

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