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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1892-1958; Herbert, J. B. (John Bunyan), b. 1852 (ed.) / Great revival hymns for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Devotional hymns,   pp. [199]-[244]

Page [201]

No. 190.
Jasuee Ntdholson.
WhiterThan Snow.
Theo-e-rtolv in mysoul I         down evry-olcatuevrife
. If   I   I  I  .    .  .    I   I  I  I  - i  -  I  ! 1   1  |  1
1. LordJe-susI long to be per-fect-ly whole; B d  ev' i do" cat W  f
'  I  w ant  T hee  for  - ev  - eor  to   It" e  i  m y  soul;   wn - T , i c o e ly f e
2. Lord Je-sus,lookdownfromThythroneithesk .
lAnd helpme tomake acom-pletesac-ri- fice;  give "  my-elf , ald  a..r 1 kow;
...    ;: ,   J.J,'-JJ                      --
I     I ', ,,I       I           l -    rl  .    .  .      ,
.          ,  INS  CHORUS.                     D. S.
Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Whiter than anowyewhiter tha ow; Nowwash teand
D. S- shall   e whiter than snow.
I    I   I  I       V              q   I
3 Lord Jess, for thin I most humbly entrent,
I wait, Meed Lord, at Thy crucifid feet,
By Ifith, for my dening, I we Thy blood flow,
Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than mow.
"I                       l
4 Lor J    s Thou teat I pattly wait;
I    Come now, ad within me a new hert ca
l TO those who have sought TheeThou never saldsta*
Now wash me, and I shall he whiter than ow.,
No. 191.    Savior, Loike a Shep~derd.
DoWt reheoth aeree 3Thhou  W111at11 torcieuBrayltusse h avbur.
Bee ardi ofo ur way;  Por a d  sinu thu we neeh   landyrs   le -doTy  ll
hes Thy  planro s-ntef ns  hi o h Fsomrc toureiv aw  ls po- u BleeseLod s d onl  -savior
i sd   Jem
2 leo~erahzeey We  wl ary turn to Thee   hataproloved toimv a, Ed  lote us seThf avor,
No. 192.
The Old Time IelAifion.
-  .  I  .  k   .  -     I  Ik  hN  .
B. 0. E. Arr.
ClO-Th ~the old time re-lig-lon,*Tf. the oldtlime re-Iig4ov,Tl the old t#me re-lig-ion, And it's foo eniough form.I
1. It *ased or our rothersjt we good for our motherstwas red turner mothers,Ani t's good enough for jie.
2Makes me love everybody.                           0I    a   re  ntefeyfrae
BIt baseaved our fathers..                          7 It waagood for Paul and llhe.
4 It was good for the Prophet aniel.                8 Itwll do when Iam dyg.
6 It wasagood for thelHebrew childre.               9 Itwll take us antoheaven.
Wes. 0. Filsw.

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