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Leslie, C.E.; Randall. R.H. (ed.) / The conqueror

The conqueror,   pp. [11]-159

Page [11]

Teachers, if your classes are composed of beginners you should ask the following questions, and see that all understand them, before permitting them to sing,
I st. What is the title of the piece ? (Have the class all answer.) 2d. What is the signature? 3d, What is the key-letter? 4th, What is meant by the key-letter r
5th, What is the name of first note in the Base? in the Soprano? in the Alto? in the Tenor? 6th, What kind of measure and on what beat or count does it com-
mence ? 7th, How many accents and what part of the measure is accented. See that the class understand what you wish them to do, and they will cheerfully do it.
Before you commence to sing have all the class produce the tone represented by the first note in their different parts; have them give you a strong chord. It is an
assurance they will sing the piece well. Teachers, do a//you can for the interest of your class and the advancement of the science of music. Class or congregation,
obey your leaders; be dilligent, be earnest, be thoughtful.
Key of C.    Sing with energy. Explain Rests.
i. Swell the anthem raise the song, Prais-es to our God be-long,Saints and an-gels join and sing, Praista to our heav'nly King.
2. Blessings from His lib'ral hand, Flowed around thishappyland, Kept by Him no foes an-noy, Peace and freedom we en - joy.
S  Sopm".
3. Now the voice of na-ture sings,  Praises to the King of kings, Let us join the choral song, And the gratt-ful notes prolong.
,or                                                               -  ,

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