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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

Part third. Containing pieces for prayer and social meetings, revivals, and music for the old folks.,   pp. [316]-362

Page 321

THE HARVEST IS PASSING.                                   12s &lls. 
               &tredfrom nuzlms. 3'I 
1. Hark, sin h er, while God from on high doth en-treat the And warnings
withase-e ents of mer-ecy doth blend; Give ear to .his voice, lest in 
2. Howeoft  o  thyw osagef                                              
               mr- oth    ~nd  Haste, haste, while he waits in  his 
8. Des- pie - ed,    re -jest- .,at lengthhe may leave thee :What an-gnish
and hor      -or thy  bo-soni wilrend! Then hastethee, 0    sin - ner, whi"
Slowly.    WHY      FEAR     TO   DIE     Fromth on Cow. ,. 
judg-znent he meet  iee "The bar- vest is  pass - ing,   the  sum -
mer will end."'         1. Why fear to     die,   and leave this earthly
scene ! There 
2. Why fear to    die,   and pass from earth a - way I Death 
aims   o   dhe      Tehrvs        s   ps- in,        te   smmrwl        
n.             .Wyfa         o   die t- Je -esha't gone be- fore- To 
hewill r - eeive thee ;"Thse hay- vest is  pass- l,     the   s   -
mer will end."        4. Why fear to      dietI  death sets the spi
- tit free, And 
                                   - ----  - 
is            brgt-r    hap - pie  wol     a              . oe  ado   l 
  y   n       home ee - rene, Where gold-en  harps are tuned, and all is
is  he  re- hde o  heve  of res;  ho''sie  he   al-Iy     e - "i - some
the  way, Be-yond death's bourne are mian-sions ev - er  blest. 
lea~'the  way'to    that brig ' world a - bove: He says, con - fide   in
 me, and fear  no   more, I   safe  will  bear thee to  a  land  of   love.
opethe .  gate- way to  im -motr- tal  life ; There will the  soul find rest
and ev - er  be   Re -leased from  llfe's stern tri- al, toils, and strife.

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