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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

Part third. Containing pieces for prayer and social meetings, revivals, and music for the old folks.,   pp. [316]-362

Page 317

A HOME IN HEAVEN, Trio and Chorus. 
i1.a.W. 317 
1. A home in heaven! what a joy - ful thought, As the poor man toils in 
his wea - ry  lot !  His heart oppressed, and with anguish driven, From his
home be-low  to his 
2. A home in heaven I as the sufferer lies  On his bed  of pain, and up-lifts
his eyes  To that bright home, what a joy  is given, With the blessed thought
of his 
3. A home in heaven I when our pleasures fade, And our wealth and fame in
the dust are lai; And strength decays, and our health is riven, We are hap-py
still with our 
home in heaven.  To his home   in heaven, to his home in heaven, From his
home below  to his home in heaven. 
home in heaven.   Of his home  in heaven, of his home in heaven, With the
blessed thought of his home in heaven. 
Cnozus.                                4- 1        , I-.N I  r , 
I                                I                                      
home in heaven. With our home in heaven, with our homerinheaven, We are hap-py
still with our home in heaven. 
.Wods..m..  - elc0,                                                  Melod"
  b     .      ..    . 
*Words from Select Melodies by W. 11, 
4. A home in heaven! when the faint heart bleeds, 
By the Spirit's stroke for its evil deeds; 
OK I then what bliss in that heart forgiven, 
Does the hope inspire of a home in heaven. 
&, A home in heaven! when our friends are fled 
To the cheerless gloom of the mouldering dead. 
We wait in hope on the promise given; 
We will meet up there in our home in heav. 
6. Our home in heaven! oh, the- glorious home, 
And the Spirit joined with the bride says" come I" 
Come seek his face, and your sins forgiven, 
And rejoice in hope of your home in heaven. 
THE   SINNER'S INVITATION.        6s & 7S. Frem Wesleyan Sacred Harp.
S.2h    ,       AD.O. 
|I * J   Si-ner go, will you go To the high-lands ofheaven! t 
Where the storms never blow, And the long summer'sgiven;   Where the bright
blooming flowers ,Are their o - 
(A ni  1 pav~s nft~h ho-wera Tn t~hA hrnri eeres  fia -'re              
41'4  -- 
Where the saints robed in white-- 
Cleansed in life's flowing fountain; 
Shining beauteous and bright, 
They inhabit the mountain. 
Where no sin, nor dismay, 
Neither trouble nor sorrow, 
Will be felt for a day, 
Nor be feared for the morrow. 
He's prepared thee a home- 
Sinr snat thou believe itI 
And invites thee to come, 
Sinner wilt thou receive it I 
0 come, sinner, come, 
For the tide is receding 
And the Saviour wiU so 
And ibarover.ecase pleading. 
. . .  .      ..  .. .It      *   I   *   :    ; ,I  I  *  I  !  I .  pt
 r l 
L I 

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