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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

The music teacher,   pp. [III]-XXXVIII

Page XVI

-    -  - ---      Jo n -- - - 
.. .  . ... .  Do............................. 
.........   lah .................. 
No. 20. 
1. WFAT is the second scale in music called?  Answer. Chromatic. 
2. How many intervals has it?  A. Twelve. 
3. What character is used to elevate a sound?  A. A sharp, thus z. 
4. What depresses a sound? A. Aflat, thus V 
5. As % sharp or fat continues through a measure, what restores a sound,
that has been made sharp or fat ? A. A natural, thus t. 
6. What character is used in ascending the chromatic scale ? A. A 
sharp ? 
7. What in descending? A. A flat. 
The following letters, numerals and syllables" are applied to the chroma-
tic scale. 
C..   31.S.  .    . ..  IL 8 . C.  3X. S.  C.i.  IS.  C. IL  U..  C.L 
CS U       D  D$  B   F   F1 G   Gt  A   AS B   C 
1   41  2 42   3   4  :4  5  S5   6  $6  7   8 
Do  do  re  e  mi  fa  fa  sol  sol.  la  Is n i  do. 
. 0.       1  .  M.S.  C.1.  M..  3f.8 .  .I.  ..  0.I.  3.5. 
1L                       .'-2  "m .  rJ  I  -. * - -[ 
____i      I  I  I  i  I  I  I  i_--"-_ If 
C  B   B    A A  G   G  F  E  Fh D   Db C 
8   1Y  s  6 8  la  5  V  4     W m 3  2  r2  1 
Do  si  Si  la  ha  Sul  Sol  fa  Mi  lnid  re  re  do. 
Nom.-Wen naming the chromatio interval, by numerals, say--sbarp one, Sharp
two, fiat six, fiat seven, &.; but, vien naming them by letters, C sharp,
B flat, &o. 
* The author hinks thi European system of not changing the vowel sounds in
the chromnti 
scale, far prefers le t .,e practice so nmeh in vogue in this c:untry, as
many bad habits arise thal 
require much awer p,  'tce and instruction to eradicate. Those who choose,
however, can stil 
use the old plar,, by sit ply changing the vowel sound of the syliable j
ascending, to E, wkeaevel 
a sharp occuis-ind to A, in descending, whenever a fiat i used. 
°.. . . . . . . 
. l 7.... ......,.,. 

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