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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

The music teacher,   pp. [III]-XXXVIII

Page XII

imtThe teacher will. remark to the class that as the male and female voices
differ in 
e pic, they cannot sing the pa     part,  wthout creath  what is called false
adfaulty progressions;  i. e. consecutive octave , le. he femle voieS are
inohgh or low, or Soprano and Alto. A good soprano will sing up to A alove
staff, and nn alto sbould be able to sing A below. A tenor voice (the highest
voice) should be able to sing F or G above tbe base clef, and the base voice
should sing 
(I, first line base clef; See the Exercise above, in which the voices are
illstrated, and 
ahout the compass of eachi is shown. Another rule, which will enable the
pupil to 
Sdecide which is the legitimate part for him or her, is this: if the high
notes generally  1 
can be sung easier than the low, then tenor for male, and soprano for female
lthough they may not be able to reach G above. If, on the contrary, the low
notes  r 
are sung with greater ease, then base for male, and alto for female voiees.
A faithful 
of on, and manner of poducing it (for all voices differ in this  respect):
Als it for- 
mation on the high or low notes should be very particularly attended to.
~the parts are Usually arranged. 
ha   pi                              Although theG clef is  generally used
in this 
*ame         C- o.                country for the tenor, yet it is not correct,
for in- 
~ iea  _____________           stead of music being, performed where written,
!ATO                   is in reality sung eight notes lower. 
Thu C clef, which  is in comnunue in Europe, 
hqyewould remedy this difficulty, butr as it requires 
ctve                            some time to acquire a knowledge of it, by
SASS.           mon consent the G clef has been substituted frfit 
i    t~ ly                       in this country.  Sometimes the soprano
and alto 
Ir ence, a                        are written on one staff, and the tenor
and base on 
s.Af-                           another, making but two staffs in a brace,
he maie of four as abovc.  This way of writing, music saves room, and other
ay about taut advantages are derived from it.  For example, thus:       
"so~      ' "It will be perceived, by turning to any tune 
that is written ontwo safthat the seso          h 
(I)           -   notes in the soprano turn up, while those in the 
,/ zzs,.oa           alto tur~down; the tenor notes turn up, and the 
,,                  baedw.Tehighest notes in theGce are 
_____for the soprano, and the highest in the ba~o for 
E I           sA.              tenor. 
141e C-boaku the seine pitch. 
Rzu.z..-Contlnue tG practice $ues as variety and profit reqtmre. 

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