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Woodbury, I. B. (Issac Baker), 1819-1858 (ed.) / The new lute of Zion: a collection of sacred music, designed for the use of congregations generally, but more especially the Methodist Episcopal Church

The music teacher,   pp. [III]-XXXVIII

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In-     REMAz.-The terms whole and half tones are deservedly discontinued
by may of 
our best teachers, and the more correct terms of major and minor econds sub
A whole tone is a sound, and not an interval or distawe from one sound to
Besides the above named intervals, we have thirds, fourths, fifths, &e.
Let the teacher 
exercise the pupils in the intervals something as follows :-Teacher says
(pointing to 
11e  them on the blackboard), Sing one. The pupils sing, Do. Teacher.-Sing
three.P - 
pilg.-Mi.  Teacher.-Sing five. Pupils.-Sol, &c. When the pupils have
readiness in the intervals 1, 3, 5, 8, others may be gradually introduced;
the fourth 
first, then the second and fourth; second, fourth, and sixth; second, fourth,
sixth, and 
seventh; and, finally, all the intervals. 
ere we have a series of progressive intervals, from  the most sniple to 
aost difficult. 
ix ma-jor second; 
fdesenling read backwards. 
ight,    mi - nor   se - end. 
r of intervals very faithfully to mem- 
not learned before arriving here. 
wLie tones, " halftone," id "   " 
No. .-BAsE CLEr. ROUND. 
Bells are ring-ing  loudandclear; Birds are singig so sweet-ly near. 
No. L. 
do                       ,        .         I         , - 
No. 4,-INTEVAL oF nm FouanT. 
p1           *, *1  U.  -   ,I  n   -- fl~  i  i f -    it.  I    -- SL 
1Li -!                 w                   - 

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