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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1872-1958; Gabriel, Chas. H. (Charles Hutchinson), 1856-1932 (ed.) / Great revival hymns. No. 2 : for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Invitation hymns,   pp. [212]-[236]

Page [225]

.. .........
NO. 216.;,-                     Vnder the Gross
and IJ
(I am comming to the cross; I am peer, aPA weak         Lc:r am counting all but dross; I Wa  fall sal-va-tion  K.I-Wa-jao
01 P 0    a    0--"
a Long myleW has sighed for Thes
Long has evil reign'd within;
M   , Jeffm sweetly speaks to me,
'I will cle2m you from all sbu" I
Under the cross I lay nay sinsUnd6r the cross, my cry;  11 die.
3 Hem r give my all to Thee,
0 0   V    0 P, o                             Friendsand time,&W earthly stx*A'
Soul and body Thine toobe,
Wholly P@mj-
No. 217;                         There- is-a--- F66fifdn.-
W. Cowper                              &eond
9   2 ne dybaitblef njokM to sft
That fountain in his day,                     t
Then is a fountain filled with bloodDrawnfrom Immannel's veins,   And there may 1, thol Tile a
I And ainnersplung'd beneath that flood,           Lose all their  Wash all my "   away.
D.S.And smnersplung'd beneath that flood,            Lose all their
3 Thou dying Lamb, Thy pradow
get                                             Sball never lose its power,
Till all thelaummed Church
"'-4     1  r                                                        Be saved, to sin no men
o'  I  I                                                                     t
D' C- '4. Ver since by faith I saw the,
1.10      has been my theme.
And shall be till I die
guilty sta*  "M  hn the'r guilty gWM' Lose -anala'r guaty sts"ur,  5 Then in & nobler, sweeter song,
guilty stalm;                                                      Ill =  ny    war to save,
WIN       Px  lisping'stamm"ble
Lies agent in the grave. -- Etonges
NO. 21&,                         k1orious' Fountain,
TAird Tune.
W. Cowper\--
jThero is   fount alu filled with blood, filled with blood, Hed with blood, Then is a fountain Red with blood, DrArrD
And sinners.plaved beneath that AooCbeneath that floodberatth that  d slonen pluned beneath that ADod.14a
in    rill o'
[     w                TIff             -3, 7  - -o-,-*
autheir;'AV  owns.      011. glorious lountainl flare wMI stay, AudiutheesT-erW&shjnyaih8&--
P-P     P  o                  rI
IAII gsr 1                                                                  tZ

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