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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1872-1958; Gabriel, Chas. H. (Charles Hutchinson), 1856-1932 (ed.) / Great revival hymns. No. 2 : for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Invitation hymns,   pp. [212]-[236]

Page [218]

10. 20&                   stin undecidea.
ERNWT G. W. TVZRZT.                                 CRA& EL GAPM&
1. 41, un - de-cid - ed, ;.1 close to liife  ' 14      not now en - ter,
2. Still un  de-cid - ed  w   et T   de              3gs are read - y,
3. Still un  de-cid - edl fohrytZee Be wa. slainAnd why should His suff'ring
4. Still un  de-cid - edl His voice sounds so clear"'Come  11 ye who wea-ry,
6. Still un - de-cid - edl 0  wait not too long; 0 turn from the world and
F r
h I I
al - read - y Itis late; Je  sus  is wait-ing  and call - ing for you;
Love shows yo  thev ay, Night fast ap-proach-es, the day  pass - es by,
for t     be in - vain? Think of the scourg-ing, the spear and the crosst
who fal - ter and fear, Free - ly  I par-don,  and cleanse and re-ceivel"
its wild, rest-less throng; Je  sus now c  you-once more doth He call-
A AL r-
F            40     IF  I  I a  'A
-    f- -
Chains He will sev - er- vEthi;  H:c:do.
Heed now His pleadin,--- "0 whywillyou die?"   Why not de-cide to-night?
Life He would give y  , - all else is but loss.
Why not ac cept Him and on Him be-fieve?
me while He's wait-ing, and trust Him for all.
Why not       de to-V   !? Je - sus isi wait - ing and call ing for thee,
a       0   7'  W SP-5
CaMn for thee, call-iog for thee;   Csill-ing, is call -    for   e pe-..
4Dopyrigbt,1911,bYCha&1LG&br1eL HOMER A. RODEHEAVER. OWNER.

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