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Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), 1880-1955; Ackley, B. D. (Bentley DeForrest), 1872-1958; Gabriel, Chas. H. (Charles Hutchinson), 1856-1932 (ed.) / Great revival hymns. No. 2 : for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic services

Great revival hymns, number 2,   pp. [3]-[156]

Page [28]

ft 26.            Tou May Have the Joyhelhq
Ik MWI Quask       ODPVFMW, 18", BY ". J. IORKPATR[Cr-  WM.J. Kirkpatr clt ,
.  I   . .          I    USED BY PERM16810N.
411. 1                     dr .
1. You may have the joy.bells  n -ing In your heart, And a peace that
2. Love of Je - sus M-         n- -nesq you mg knowAnd this love to
3. You will meet with trl'- als  as you Jour-ney ome, race suf - fi - cient
4. Let your life speak weU of  Je - sus ev - Iry day,  Own His rTilght to
SK  17 k4             7                                    6
IN  S   K  1.
J       4-P::
W _4L. -   W    iv " V
fromyounev-er will de-part; Walk the straight and narrow way, Live for
those a-round you swe               of kindness al-wa
et-ly show; Words              tr say, Deeds of
Ha wiU give 'to  o - ver-come; Tho' un-seen by mor- I eye, He    is
ev - Iry serv-ice you  can pay; Sin-ners you can help to win  If your
I            -      -0-  .  -0- ; -,    -. -   -. -    -   -  -     -. -_
PIP 1), b       P      112
6  F -
W                                                   L4
Jo - :s ev                    keep the joy-beUs ringing in your heart.
mer cy do ;,,7 day, h    He'll keep the Joy-bells ringing in your eart.
with you ev - er nig     H eT keep tb a joy-bells ring!ng P your heart.
Ufa 'is pure a0d clean    you keep the joy-bells ringin  In your hearL
-ft-. 4L
CHORUs.         'D.'S.-He wiU 'keep thejoy-UU4 r-inging in Vour haerf
Joy            bells ring-ing In your heart Joy        b Us ring-mg
Rint-Ing in your he"                   'You May lave the joy
F I  -, -6 6 6
'r X                                                6e  fill  I  I r-
A S.
T 7
f                                                   0  F
in your heart; Take the Savior here below, With you ev- ry-where you go,

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