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Gangelin, Paul; Dummer, Frances; Commons, Rachel (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Volume XX, Number 7 (April 1921)

Emmerling, Margaret
Sappho,   pp. 192-iii

Page iii

The Reasons for Its Popularity
With Both Men and Women
Comfortthat rough roads do not destroy
Control th  does not require strength
Ability to cover most miles per day
Safety that is not dependent on skill
Roadability that widens driving range
Tire life that saves worry and expense
Reliability that is not a matter of care
Complete absence of cooling troubles
20 miles to the gallon of gasoline
12,500 miles to the set of tires
50%1b slower yearly depreciation
(National Averages)
The basis of this performance is the
same today as nineteen years ago-the
sound Franklin principles of light
weight, flexibility and direct air cooling.
And the demand for the Franklin
has increased as motorists realize its
advantages. Here is the proof:
During the past three years nearly
as many Franklins were bought as dur-
ing the previous sixteen. Bringing the
record up to date:
Dec., 1920-biggest Dec. in Franklin history
Jan., 1921-orders exceeded production 151%
Feb., 1921-month's orders totaled 1107 cars
Mar., 1921-100% normal output-1000 cars
Ritter Automobile Co.
223 North Henry Street
Phone Badger 347
Madison, Wisconsin
iApril, 1921

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