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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 8 (May 1910)

Rideo, R.
Rirabien,   pp. 12-16

The priest of Juarez,   p. 16

Page 16

  Grace-What definite accusations have
you to make? Can you cite examples of
his bad influence, or of any talk which is
circulating. Erma appears to be doing ex-
cellent work in her studies. I have known
Hubert all his life, and I need definite
proof against him to believe it.
  Mrs. Herne-I am very sorry that all
this has arisen. Very sorry, indeed-
  Erma-Yes-we also are sorry. Mrs.
Herne, yesterday you told me that every-
thing was all right-that nothing more
would be done-that You loved me very
dearly, as a daughter, and would do any-
thing for me-that you understood how
things were, and that you would see that
no trouble arose. I trusted you. Then you
left me, called my sister up and alarmed
her, and wrote to Mrs. Smith. Can you
explain your conduct?
  Lotta-Every word of that is true. I
have been keeping watch.
  Mrs. Herne-Well-you see-well, I
thought it was-Erma, don't you under-
stand ?
  Erma-No. I wish I did.
  Hubert-Anything    against me?     If
there is, I would be glad to hear it. I
want these people to hear also.
  Florence-You broke rules. You re-
mained out after ten o'clock. You came
here evenings when the girls weren't sup-
posed to have callers.
  Grace-Mrs. Herne- would you like to
have an investigation of the number of
girls in your Sorority who break these
same rules? I am afraid there is hardlv
a sorority in town which could stand up
under such an investigation. Probably
Erma and Hubert haven't been as under-
handed about it as most, and consequently
you know more about them. I don't like
the looks of this-it is not right. You are
not giving Erma a square deal. Is there
anything else?
  Mrs. Ierne-(Angrily.) Give me my
letter. (Hubert hands it to her.)
  11oss-(Crimson with passion. Her fat
face and body seems about to explode.)
This is a miserable shame!
  (Dead silence.  The opposite parties
glare at each other. Erma looks at the
floor. Fanny Wilkinson is on the verge
of tears.)
  Grace-Well, there isn't much to say.
Of course, after what has occurred, the un-
derhanded treatment she and Hubert have
received from you-Erma will sever her
relations with the Sorority. Lotta has de-
cided to go with her. She and Lotta have
arranged for a comfortable rooming and
boarding place on the other side of town.
Erma will at least finish out the Year.
Lotta, come, we will pack up now; the
baggage man will be here in an hour or so.
  Florence-(exploding) No! No! 0! 0 !
  The other girls and Mrs. Herne-O!
  Hubert-I guess Erma and I will go
for a walk. Sororitv nature is a rather
surprising thing-until You get to know
it. Don't You think so ?
  Erm a-Yes.
  (She turns quickly to him, and they
walk off through the open door on to the
porch, and disappear. Grace and Lotta
go across the room, out on the left, and
up the stairs. The girls and Mrs. Herne
stare at each other stupidly.
The Priest of Juarez
The throb that follows the boom of the bell,
UWhen the host on high is raised,
Still rode on the air with a lordly swell
And I listened-moved, amazed.
The priest came out of the vestry door
And I gaped at him, aghast.
A fighting cock under his arm he bore,
But he blessed me as he passed.
I followed him to the cocking pit
And I backed his bird alone;
I won their dinero, quite a bit,
For the Lord still guards his own.
I gave to that priest a mighty mite
That a high mass might be said
For my father's soul; that very night
I painted El Paso red.

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