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Sheets, Geo M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. VI, No. 1 (October 1908)

D. F.
Propinquity: The engineer and the Mexican girl,   pp. 6-13

Page 13

  Cort walked to the door of the tent, and stood for a moment,
looking out. When he turned towards them again he was master
of himself once more.
  "Johnson was waiting for me with pack and saddle burros.
All night long we rode, never exchanging a word. Just as dawn
was breaking-I started back. Maybe it was temporary insan-
ity; maybe it was what you call a lucid interval. I have never
been able to decide.
  Johnson caught me within a mile. He slugged me with a
brass knuekle. I have never quite forgiven him that, even when
I realize how uiiuch it has meant to me. When I recovered
consciousness T watas in the railway station. Before I was fully
awake we were on the train.
  I never tried to go back again. I have never heard of 'Lita
again. I'm happily married and all that, but there have been
times when it seemed to me that if I could hold 'Lita in mv
arms again, the world
  I've told a lot more than I intended to. Does it prove m-y
Joint ?"
  "For your case, anyhow, it seeis to le pretty conclusive?
said Anderson.
  There was silence in the tent. The tension slowly faded.
  Finally Cooney inquired. "Did the Captain get his five?'"
  "Not vet," sai(l Cort. ' \Not till T see her."
  "She's what Jack calls Spinach," volunteered Anderson.
  "So I un(lerstan(l. I'll go take a look," said Cort.
  He went out past the shade of the cook tent, where the woman
sat enjoying her short interval of rest.  Suddenly he stopped
dead still.
  "Lita," he whispered hoarsely.
  "*Madre, de Dios, Senor Enrique," screaumed the woman.
  At the same time from her tent came Mrs. Cort's voice
calling, "Oh Henry, please come here."

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