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Athenaeus of Naucratis / Volume III: Books XII-XV

Poetical fragments quoted by Athenæus,   pp. [unnumbered]-1225

Page 1124

ARISTOPHANES. (Book i. § 55, p. 50.) 
For the Atheniian people neither love 
Harsh crabbed bards, nor crabbed Pramnian wines, 
Which pinch the face up and the belly too; 
But mild, sweet-smelling, nectar-dropping CUpS.-WVALSH. 
DIPHILUS. (Book ii. § 2, p. 58.) 
Oh ! friend to the wise, to the children of song, 
Take me with thee, thou wisest and sweetest, along; 
To the humble, the lowly, proud thoughts dost thou bring, 
For the wretch who has thee is as blythe as a king: 
From the brows of the sage, in thy humorous play, 
Thou dost smooth every furrow, every wrinkle away; 
To the weak thou giv'st strength, to the mendicant gold, 
And a slave warm'd by thee as a lion is bold. 
J. A. ST. JOHN. 
EUBULUS. (Book ii. § 3, p. 59.) 
Three cups of wine a prudent man may take; 
The first of these for constitution's sake; 
The second to the girl he loves the best; 
The third and last to lull him to his rest, 
Then home to bed ! but if a fourth he pours, 
That is the cup of folly, and not ours; 
Loud noisy talking on the fifth attends; 
The sixth breeds feuds and falling-out of friends; 
Seven beget blows and faces stain'd with gore; 
Eight, and the watch-patrole breaks ope the door; 
Mad with the ninth, another cup goes round, 
And the swill'd sot drops senseless to the ground. 
EiOHIARMUS. (Book ii.. § 3, p. 59.) 
A. After sacrifice, then came feasting. 
B.   -                          Beautiful, by Jupiter! 
A. After feasting drink we merrily. 
B.                        Charming! I do truly think. 

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