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Athenaeus of Naucratis / The deipnosophists, or, Banquet of the learned of Athenæus
volume III (1854)

Book XV,   pp. 1062-1122

Page 1082

1082                THE DEIPNOSOPHISTS.              [B. XV. 
he ought to give this flower the name of the Flower of 
Antinous, as having sprung from the ground where it drank 
in the blood of the Mauritanian lion, which Hadrian killed 
when he was out hunting in that part of Africa, near Alexan- 
dria; a monstrous beast which had ravaged all Libya for a long 
time, so as to make a very great part of the district desolate. 
Accordingly, Hadrian being delighted with the utility of the 
invention, and also with its novelty, granted to the poet that 
he should be maintained for the future in the Museum at the 
public expense; and Cratinus the comic poet, in his Ulysseses, 
has called the lotus a-TcrEfvwqka, because all plants which are 
full of leaf, are called -TE4avWXVkaTa by the Athenians. But 
Pancrates said, with a good deal of neatness, in his poem- 
The crisp ground thyme, the snow-white lily too, 
The purple hyacinth, and the modest leaves 
Of the white celandine, and the fragrant rose, 
Whose petals open to the vernal zephyrs; 
For that fair flower which bears Antinous' name 
The earth had not yet borne. 
22. There is the word irvXwev. And this is the name given 
to the garland which the Lacedoemonians place on the head 
of Juno, as Pamphilus relates. 
I am aware, also, that there is a kind of garland, which is 
called 'IaKXag by the Sicyonians, as Timachidas mentions in 
his treatise on Dialects. And Philetas writes as follows:- 
" IaKcXa-this is a name given to a fragrant garland in the 
district of Sicyon- 
She stood by her sire, and in her fragrant hair 
She wore the beautiful lacchian garland." 
Seleucus also, in his treatise on Dialects, says, that there is 
a kind of garland made of myrtle, which is called 'EXXwLr-, 
being twenty cubits in circumference, and that it is carried 
in procession on the festival of the Ellotia. And he says, 
that in this garland the bones of Europa, whom they call 
Ellotis, are carried. And this festival of the Ellotia is 
celebrated in Corinth. 
There is also the OvpEaTLKo6.  This also is a name given to 
a species of garland by the Lacedmemonians, as Sosibius tells 
us in his treatise on Sacrifices, where he says, that now it is 
called ktiXwvos, being made of branches of the palm-tree. 
And he says that they are worn, as a memorial of the victory 
which they gained, in Thyrea,' by the leaders of the choruses, 
1 See the account of this battle, Herod. i. 82. 

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