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Athenaeus of Naucratis / Volume III: Books XII-XV

Book XII,   pp. 818-888

Page 886

Anxd Antiphanes, in his Alcestis, represents some one as 
anointing his feet with oil; but in his Mendicant Priest of 
Cybele, he says- 
He bade the damsel take some choice perfumes 
From the altar of the goddess, and then, first, 
Anoint his feet with it, and then his knees: 
But the first moment that the girl did touch 
His feet, he leaped up. 
And in his Zacynthus he says- 
Have I not, then, a right to be fond of women, 
And to regard them all with tender love, 
For is it not a sweet and noble thing 
To be treated just as you are; and to have 
One's feet anointed by fair delicate hands l 
And in his Thoricians he says- 
He bathes completely-but what is't he does l 
He bathes his hands and feet, and well anoints them 
With perfume from a gold and ample ewer. 
And with a purple dye he smears his jaws 
And bosom; and his arms with oil of thyme; 
His eyebrows and his hair with marjoram; 
His knees and neck with essence of wild ivy. 
And Anaxhndrides, in his Protesilaus, says- 
Ointment from Peron, which this fellow sold 
But yesterday to Mfelanopus here, 
A costly bargain fresh from Egypt, which 
Anoints to day Callistratus's feet. 
And Teleclides, in his Prytanes, alludes to the lives of the 
citizens, even in the time of Themistocles, as having been 
very much devoted to luxury. And Cratinus in his Chirones, 
speaking of the luxury of the former generations, says- 
There was a scent of delicate thyme besides, 
And roses too, and lilies by my ear; 
And in my hands I held an apple, and 
A staff, and thus I did harangue the people. 
79. And Clearchus the Solensian, in his treatise on Love 
Matters, says-" Why is it that we carry in our hands flowers, 
and apples, and things of that sort ?      Is it that by our 
delight in these things nature points out those of us who 
have a desire for all kinds of beauty? Is it, therefore, as a 
kind of specimen of beauty that men carry beautiful things 
in their hands, and take delight in them?    Or do they carry 
them about for two objects? For by these means the beginning 
of good fortune, and an indication of one's wishes, is to a 

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