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Athenaeus of Naucratis / Volume I: Books I-VII

Book II: epitome,   pp. 57-121

Page 64

And oftentimes I sit by Venus, 
With marplot none to come between us. 
And Alcman says- 
Nectar they eat at will. 
And Sappho says- 
The goblets rich were with ambrosia crown'd, 
Which Hermes bore to all the gods around. 
But Homer was acquainted with nectar as the drink of the 
gods. And Ibycus says that ambrosia is nine times as sweet 
as honey; stating expressly that honey has just one-ninth 
part of the power of ambrosia as far as sweetness goes. 
9.   One fond of wine must be an honest man; 
For Bacchus, for his double mother famed, 
Loves not bad men, nor uninstructed clowns, 
says Alexis.  He adds, moreover, that wine makes all men 
who drink much of it fond of talking. And the author of 
the Epigram on Cratinus says 
If with water you fill up your glasses, 
You '11 never write anything wise 
But wine is the horse of Parnassus, 
That carries a bard to the skies. 
And this was Cratinus's thought, 
Who was ne'er with one bottle content, 
But stuck to his cups as he ought, 
And to Bacchus his heart and voice lent. 
His house all with garlands did shine, 
And with ivy he circled his brow, 
To show he nought worshipp'd but wine, 
As, if he still lived, he'd do now. 
Polemo says that in Munychia a hero is honoured of the 
name of Acratopotes:' and that among the Spartans statues 
of the heroes Matton and Ceraon were erected by some cooks 
in the hall of the Phiditia.' And in Achaia a hero is honoured 
called Deipneus, having his name from 86ETVOV, a supper. But 
from a dry meal there arise no jokes, nor extempore poems, 
though, on the other hand, such an one does not cause ally 
boasting or insolence of mind; so that it is well said- 
Where are the empty boasts which Lemnos heard 
When season'd dishes press'd the ample board, 
When the rich goblets overflow'd with wine ? 
'AsparorJT14S, drinker of unmixed wine. 
2 E'rTa was the Spartan name for the ctSo-vrla. ride Smithl 
Dict. Ant. p. 928. b. 
[EPIT. B. II. 

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