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Athenaeus of Naucratis / Volume I: Books I-VII

Book II: epitome,   pp. 57-121

Page 60

60                  THE DEIPNOSOPHISTS.            [EPIT. B. I. 
Content thee, then, my friend, with glasses twain; 
Then to your home and tender wife again; 
While your companions, with unaching heads, 
By your example taught, will seek their beds. 
But riot will be bred by too much wine, 
A mournful ending for a feast divine; 
While, then, you live, your thirst in bounds confine. 
And a few lines afterwards he says of immoderate drinking- 
For Insolence and Ruin follow it. 
According to Euripides, 
Drinking is sire of blows and violence. 
From which some have said that the pedigree of Bacchus and 
of Insolence were the same. 
4. And Alexis says somewhere-' 
Man's nature doth in much resemble wine: 
For young men and new wine do both need age 
To ripen their too warm unseason'd strength, 
And let their violence evaporate. 
But when the grosser portions are worked of; 
And all the froth is skinim'd, then both are good; 
The wine is drinkable, the man is wise, 
And both in future pleasant while they last. 
And according to the bard of Cyrene- 
Wine is like fire when 'tis to man applied, 
Or like the storm that sweeps the Libyan tide; 
The furious wind the lowest depths can reach, 
And wine robs man of knowledge, sense, and speech. 
But in some other place Alexis says the contrary to what 
I have just cited: 
A. Man in no one respect resembles wine: 
For man by age is made intolerable; 
But age improves all wine. 
B. Yes; for old wines cheer us, 
But old men only snarl, abuse, and jeer us. 
And Panyasis says- 
Wine is like fire, an aid and sweet relief, 
Wards off all ills, and comforts every grief; 
Wine can of every feast the joys enhance 
It kindles soft desire, it leads the dance. 
Think not then, childlike, much of solid food, 
But stick to wine, the only real good. 

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