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Wells, Chester Caesar (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Volume X, Number 3 (December 1912)

Hollen, Edwin Stanley
Where your money goes,   pp. [unnumbered]-23

Page 23

apparent when one glances over the list of
the "wage-paid."
  Then there is a little matter of postage-
stamps. Uncle Sam is richer by $10,000
annually because of the thousands of cata-
logues, announcements and bulletins sent
out by the University. Add to this the
stationery and the printing bills and the
total exceeds $80,000. That the College of
Engineering figures to some extent in the
business manager's expense book is testi-
fied to by the fact that $20,000 is spent for
new machinery and apparatus. The mate-
rials consumed by the prospective engineers
costs half that amount.
  Did you know that the university man-
  ager is a store-keeper; that he buys in
wholesale lots and dispenses from his store-
room? For example, cement is purchased
by the thousand barrels, thus insuring good
quality and quantity to the building con-
tractor.  The university store "carries a
complete line" of standard chemicals, pipe
fittings, stationery, valves and other staple
   The university has a central heating
 plant which supplies all the steam for the
 heating of the buildings and the operation
 of machinery. A pumping station pumps
 the water into the several buildings from
 Lake Mendota. Electricity is supplied by
 the local company. It is estimated that
 heat, light, power and water cost annually
 nearly $200,000.
    Besides all of the expenditures enumer-
  ated above, which in every case apply to
  the maintenance of the university, there
  are many items of the nature of permanent
  improvements. Each year numerous ad-
  ditions are made to the grounds and build-
ings such as land purchases and improve-
ment, new furniture, new machinery, new
books and so forth. The College of Engi-
neering and Letters and Science purchase
$3000 worth of furniture while the College
of Agriculture spends much more on this
one item. In fact, as regards additions and
improvements, the latter college easily
takes the lead with nearly $50,000 debited
against it for a single year.
  So much for the general, facts and fig-
ures concerning the disbursements of the
university. In the main, they fall under
six heads. To summarize the expenditures,
therefore, note that salaries total $800,000,
laborers wages-$100,000. printing, postage
and stationery-$80000, laboratory sup-
plies and provisions-over $250,000, heat,
light and repairs-$200,000, and additions
and improvements-$325,000. These most
important disbursements, together with
many of lesser notability, bring the total
up to $1,9000,000.  Thus, are nearly two
millions spent to support the university
for a single year.
   Of such expenditures as these, is the an-
 nual budget of the university business man-
 ager composed. The amounts vary from
 year to year but the figures quoted repre-
 sent a fair average. Such is the tremen-
 dous cost of higher education in our own
 great University of Wisconsin,-the cost
 that you, your parents, the people of this
 state and the people of many states, help
 to pay.

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