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Williams, Mason, 1938- / Them poems

Acknowledgments,   pp. 7-8

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Some of these poems appeared in print for the first time in Bicy-
clists Dismount (limited edition), 1964, published by the author.
They also appeared in The Mason Williams Reading Matter, pub-
lished by Doubleday & Company in 1969 and in Flavors, 1970,
published by Doubleday & Company. Some of them also ap-
peared in a handmade, miniature, limited-edition book in 1991
by Pat Baldwin of Pequefio Press.
Mason Williams recorded the poems on the Vee-Jay record label
in 1964 on the album (VJ-1 103) Them poems and things. Mason
Williams recorded live at the Land of Odin (a folk club in El Cajon,
California). "Lunch Toters," "Stamp Lickers," and "Hors
d'oeuvres" were recorded by The Kingston Trio on their 1964
Back in Town album (Capitol T2081) which was recorded live at
the Hungry i in San Francisco. They recorded three more,
"Sandpickers," "Dogkickers," and "Tummy Gummers,"
on their
Decca album Nick Bob John (DL 4613). About the same time,
"Sandpickers," "Lunch Toters," and "Sticker Gitters"
were also
recorded by country artists Richard Lockmiller and Jim Conners
on their Capitol Records LP Two Boys from Alabama (T2287).
Mason has performed them poems in his musical performances
over the years. He also performed "Them Toad Suckers" on na-
tional television. It aired on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,
12 January 1969. Glen Campbell and Teddy Neeley performed
"Lunch Toters," "Sticker Gitters," and "Tummy Gummers"
on The
Summer Brothers Smothers Show. It aired June 30, 1968.

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