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Nash, Edith / Practice the here and now: selected writings of Edith Nash

Nash, Edith
Toledo Wheelbarrow Company,   pp. 25-26

Page 26

26for?" I had to explain they belonged to a social world where, when daughters
got to a certain age, their parents gave a big formal party and introduced
them to all their friends, whether they already knew them or not. He wondered
if I wanted a party like that, and I said my parents didn't belong to that
world. "Oh well," he said. "We could have a party right here." So he set
a date and told everybody. All the regulars came, the reporters from the
Tribune and two of Al Capone's runners who dropped in often to test the beer.
My brothers and I had steak sandwiches on the house, and altogether it was
a lovely party. Afterwards we drove John home, way out in Forest Park, and
he showed us his garden in the dark. Everyone at his house was asleep.
 We all grew up and started homes of our own, in one place or another, as
much like the Toledo Wheelbarrow Company as we could make them — lots
of food and drink, a careful listener always in attendance, acceptance of
strangers, the Law and the Syndicate together, and no one to tell you whether
you were too young or too old or too rich or too poor or not one of the right
people. The speakeasy moved to 112 East Illinois Street from 69 Wacker Drive,
and after that I lost track of it.
 The past unrolls in stages on a giant reel, sticking and jumping as it hits
a break in the reel, gradually lying out flat ~ V to show what it was like
to grow up back there in another country.

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