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Athenaeus of Naucratis / Volume I: Books I-VII

Book II: epitome,   pp. 57-121

Page 66

himself with wine 'becomes indifferent and careless; but he 
who drinks but' little is very meditative." And Alexis says- 
I'm not beside myself with drink; nor have I -so much taken 
As not to be quite understood by those to whom I'm speaking. 
'But Seleucus says that it was not an ancient custom to in- 
dulge in wine or any other luxury to excess, except, indeed, 
on the Qccasion of some sacred festival; which is the origin 
of the names Oowvat, and Odakat, and dat.-Oo tvat meaning 
that men thought it right ta' Ocovs otvo-Oat, to drink wine 
on account of the gods; aJXtat meaning that xapw' OEOV 
-X t'oVTo, they assembled and met together in honour of the 
gods. And this comes "to the same as the Homeric expression 
&arvca OaXEtav.  And Aristotle says that the word 'LfEOvELV is 
derived from the fact that men used wine JutETa T OvEtv, after 
12. Euripides saysthat it is possible that 
Those who with humble gifts approach the gods, 
May often holier be, than those who load 
The groaning altars with whole hecatombs; 
and the word ie'Xog, which he employs in the first line, means 
"sacrifice." And Homer usesthe same word when he says- 
God holds no sacrifice in more esteem, 
Than hearts where pious joy and pleasure beam.' 
And we call those festivals which are of greater magnitude 
and which are celebrated with' certain mysterious traditions, 
TEXETa, on account of the expense which is lavished on them. 
For the word C-XE'od means to spend.  And men who spend 
a great deal are called rOXVTEX4EL, and those who spend but 
little, are called c1JTEXJ9. Alexis says-^. 
Those who with fair prosperity are bless'd 
Should always keep themselves before the world; 
Glad to displaythe bounty of the gods. 
For they, the givers of all good, deserve 
A holy gratitude; and they will have it. 
But if,. when they their gifts have shower'd, they see 
'The objects of their bounty live like churls, 
Useless to all around them; who can wonder 
If they recall what seems so ill bestow'd 3 
13. A man is not 'fond of wine who has been used from 
his earliest years to drink water. 'But- 
'Tis sweet, at a banquet or festival meeting 
To chat o'er one's wine, when the guests have done eating 
says lResiod in his Melamnpodia.,                . 
Wy Odyss. ix. 6. 
[EPIC. B. It.T 

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