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Athenaeus of Naucratis / Volume I: Books I-VII

Book I: epitome,   pp. [unnumbered]-57

Page 56

the digestion of the rest of one's food, that it is given to 
people in fevers without injury. 
You praise yourself, as does Astydamas, woman! 
(Astydamas was a tragic poet.) - 
61. Theopompus the Chian says, that the vine is found at 
Olympia, near the Alpheus; and that there is a place about 
eight furlongs from Elis where the natives at the time of the 
Dionysian games close up three empty brazen vessels, and 
seal them in the presence of all the people round about; and 
at a subsequent time they open them and find them full 
of wine. But Hellanicus says, that the vine was first dis- 
covered in Plinthina, a city of Egypt; on which account 
Dion, the academic philosopher, calls the Egyptians fond of 
wine and fond of drinking: and also, that as subsidiary to 
wine, in the case of those who, on account of their poverty, 
could not get wine, there was introduced a custom of drinking 
beer made of barley; and moreover, that those who drank 
this beer were so pleased with it that they sung and danced, 
and did everything like men drunk with wine. Now Aristotle 
says, that men who are drunk with wine show it in their 
faces; but that those who have drunk too much beer fall 
back and go to sleep; for wine is stimulating, but beer has a 
tendency to stupefy. 
62. Now that the Egyptians really are fond of wine this is a 
proof, that they are the only people among whom it is a custom 
at their feasts to eat boiled cabbages before all the rest of their 
food; and even to this very time they do so. And many people 
add cabbage seed to potions which they prepare as preventives 
against drunkenness. And wherever a vineyard has cabbages 
growing in it, there the wine is weaker. On which account 
the citizens of Sybaris also, as Timreus says, used to eat 
cabbages before drinking.  And so Alexis says- 
Last evening you were drinking deep, 
So now your head aches. Go to sleep; 
Take some boil'd cabbage when you wake; 
And there's an end of your headache. 
And Eubulus says, somewhere or other- 
Wife, quick ! some cabbage boil, of virtues healing, 
That I may rid me of this seedy feeling. 
[EPIT. B. I.1 

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